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Unravelling the Rare Earth Elements Story with OD6 Metals Limited (ASX:OD6)

✦ What is the REE market really about? Brett Hazelden, Managing Director and CEO of OD6 Metals Limited (ASX: OD6) brings clarity to the Rare Earth Elements story.

The Rare Earth Elements Story is a bit of a mystery. It's a sector that has been quietly sitting in a corner for more than a decade, ignored and gathering dust. Most investors were not too keen on this sector, and not excited about companies that were doing anything there.

However, we are starting to see some movement, and a rise in Rare Earth companies. Investors are getting their interests piqued, and wanting to know more. Now we have their attention, we need to ensure clarity and knowledge about what the REE market is all about, so investors can make well-informed decisions.

Yes, we may have results in announcements but numbers do not mean very much if we don't understand fully what is going on. Many are actually unclear about this sector and those who love to Do Your Own Research will get a lot of takeaways from this conversation with Brett Hazelden, Managing Director and CEO of OD6 Metals Limited.

Mr. Hazelden delivers a very clear lesson about Rare Earth Elements and helps to unravel the mystery behind it all. He covers quite an extensive aspect of this topic, so this is one conversation worth relistening to fully understand REE.

Unravelling the Rare Earth Story with OD6 Metals Limited (ASX:OD6)

Some factors we need to also have in the background is the geopolitical instability that's happening now. It has actually created what could be a lucrative business for Australia, should it create a more value added sector. This is going to boost the coming bull market.

A clean energy world needs more minerals, that we cannot deny. What can we learn today about where Rare Earth Elements stand in our current situation?

Listen to Brett Hazelden here:


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:06 About Brett and OD6 Limited

02:42 What caused the rare minerals rush?

04:54 Rundown of the project

07:22 What is the "Holy Grail" number that will be an economic grade ?

09:22 Are neodymium and praseodymium still the market for rare earths?

10:44 Trends in the geology

13:41 Chemistry and relative comparison of conductivity?

14:50 Possibility of relationship with China?

17:18 The Ionic clays

18:51 Relationship between granites

22:58 What is the difference between Splinter Rock and Grass Patch?

23:54 What other possibilities are there?

24:59 Pegmatites in the granites?

27:01 Marketing the project

29:20 Has there been any initiatives to go and talk to the government? 35:01 What is causing the increase in demand of rare earth minerals? 36:35 News flow 37:37 Why invest in OD6? 38:08 Conclusion

About Brett Hazelden

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer BSc, MBA, AICD Mr Hazelden is a Metallurgist who brings over 25 years’ experience serving the Australasian resources industry. His experience includes being a Company Director, Managing Director, CEO, Project Manager, Study Manager and originally a Metallurgist in an operating environment. Mr Hazelden brings a diverse range of capabilities from exploration, project development studies, research and development, project approvals, offtake agreements, equity raising, debt financing plus mergers and acquisitions. He has worked across multiple commodities including potash, gold, copper, zinc, lead, iron ore, tungsten, salt, diamond and now rare earth sectors. Most recently, Brett was the Co-founder and Managing Director/CEO of Kalium Lakes (ASX:KLL). Mr Hazelden was appointed as a Director on 1 April 2022. Mr Hazelden is not considered to be an independent Director as he is engaged in an executive capacity.

About OD6 Metals Limited (ASX: OD6)

OD6 Metals is an Australian public company with a purpose to pursue exploration and development opportunities within the resources sector. The Company holds a 100% interest in the Splinter Rock Project and Grass Patch Project which are located in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, about 30 to 150km north of the major port and town of Esperance.

The projects are considered prospective for clay rare earth elements (REEs), with the Company’s aim of delineating and defining economic resources and reserves to develop into a future revenue generating operational mine. Clay REE deposits are currently economically extracted in China who is the dominant world producer.

Rare earth elements (in particular, Nd and Pr), are becoming increasingly important in the global economy, with uses including advanced electronics, permanent magnets in electric motors and electricity generators (such as wind turbines) and consumer electronics.

Why OD6 Metals?

  • Emerging REE major new clay province in WA, potentially competitive with China’s deposits.

  • Dominant land position with over 4,800 km2

  • Located close to Esperance port, sealed roads and renewable energy infrastructure.

  • Extensive Clay REE in 10 to 37m thick blanket over very large areas .

  • Wide intersections of TREO with excellent Nd-Pr concentrations of 20%

  • Multiple targets for potentially globally significant REE resources.

  • Excellent regional metallurgy.

  • Clay REE’S are typically low capital intensity and high margin product.

  • Significant supply shortage forecast due to rapid demand increase for renewable power, electric vehicles and electronics.

  • Critical metals being prioritised by Governments around the world (need for diversity of supply away from China).

Contact OD6 Metals Limited

Level 1, 50 Kings Park Road, West Perth, Western Australia 6005



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