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Tracy Driscoll Helps Leaders Reimagine their Future

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

✦ Leading in the "Never Normal" World

The world is changing, very quickly, and very unpredictably, especially with the COVID-19 crisis.

Leaders are compelled to rethink ways of working, leading recovery and reimagining a future that is better for customers, employees and perhaps even society at large.

Most people get stuck at this point.

It's a heavy responsibility to have on one's shoulders. As leaders, people are looking up to them to reinforce areas within an organisation to pivot, recover and grow.

Tracy Driscoll, Helps Leaders Reimagine their Future, featured on Brilliant-Online
Tracy Driscoll, Helps Leaders Reimagine their Future

This is where Tracy Driscoll comes in. As a coach, consultant and facilitator she has been helping leaders in multinational businesses implement new life goals and make resounding changes that last for over a decade.

Not Walking Alone

Tracy Driscoll is skilled at helping people navigate through the pitfalls of life onto a higher ground of fulfilment.

So many have discovered that they do not have to struggle alone and in silence while putting on a brave front. This can take a toll on people's mental health.

Tracy has worked with individuals and leaders of diverse businesses internationally, re-configuring their personal lives and goals to better engage with the demands of day-to-day life and leadership.

She does this by analysing individual needs and aligning personal and professional goals, helping people unveil their own personal story - what is really important to them, their values, and their life purpose. For more than two decades she was based in Beijing, China and was a business leader herself so she draws a lot from personal experience. Since 2019 she has been working virtually from Bonny Hills and her clients are now both local and global. By helping people to obtain clarity, connect the dots and ignite the spark they need to not only envisage a new future but to commit themselves to making the changes to achieve it, she is a true manifestation partner for those she works with.

Safe to Clear the Past

What makes Tracy so different is her strong personal empathy, her focus on each individual's need to connect with their greater world, her ability to listen accurately so she can help people understand what they really want and provide a safe space for her clients to open up, go deep and really explore. Tracy helps people bridge their personal and professional sides, guiding them to achieve harmony in their lives and turning things around to achieve palpable changes and success. The skills that she helps people to grow builds their emotional and mental muscles to create the future that they truly want.

For Tracy, her work is a holistic procedure of sensing the relationships between people and their connections with the wider world that goes much, much deeper than simply coming to terms with personal qualities and aspirations.

“People experience clearing when they have coaching with me – clearing of blocks, past hurt, trauma, pain. They’re able to voice what they need to voice and then let it go mentally, emotionally, and energetically so they can be more present. This in turn allows them to tune in to their true self and to dream and create a better future for themselves, their families, their organisations – to step truly into the flow.” - Tracy Driscoll

Interestingly enough, in spite of the highly personal nature of the process, most of Tracy’s coaching is carried out through online coaching sessions. This was the case even before COVID-19 and Zoom when she was based in Beijing. Transformation can happen via any channel, and Tracy is bringing the possibility of changes to people all around the world.

Gifts of a Multipotentialite

Tracy is a multipotentialite - she takes to new skills and information quickly, she adapts easily to different sectors and she is driven by a variety of interests. And she has blended all of that to create her own unique coaching method with the 5 Stages of Explore, Inspire, Create, Act and Reflect. She combines the empathic with the pragmatic. She acts as a bridge to connect the personal with the professional and her multipotentialite nature allows her to fully understand people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Tracy never stops developing her own coaching muscles and is always hungry to absorb more and give back her skills and experience to her clients. She has refined her skills and expertise working with The Leadership Circle, coaching’s renowned global leader in the theory and research of leadership development.

Early in her coaching career she certified for the Myers Brigg Personality Assessment (MBTI) and she was then invited to run the Beijing office of MDS, a leading Greater China coaching organisation and licensee of MBTI North Asia.

Tracy has also certified for the powerful leadership programme Coaching Circles and uses many other recognised coaching tools throughout her work.

“I walk comfortably between the two worlds – the practical business world, and everyday life and family issues; and the incredibly vast energetic and spiritual world. I’m like a bridge between the two. All I have to do is tune in, focus, listen, observe and then share what I see.” - Tracy Driscoll

Perhaps it is time to get off the hamster wheel, clear out the emotional debris of our minds and realise we do not have to get back on the wheel because there is another future we can create.

When we can bring about a healthy change in ourselves, we are then able to lead a positive change in the environment and with the people around us.

Are you ready to reimagine your future?

Connect with Tracy Driscoll on LinkedIn


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