Three Discoveries for Miramar Resources Limited (ASX: M2R) at Gidji, Bangermall and Whaleshark

Updated: Apr 13

✦ Allan Kelly, Executive Chair of Miramar Resources Limited (ASX: M2R) reveals the company's three main focus points in their project portfolio.

Miramar Resources Limited has exciting explorations going on, and every inch of exploration is unravelling positive discoveries.

Allan Kelly has useful insights for investors about how they should look at projects. This is going to be helpful for investors to learn how to discern and sift out companies with a story that has value. Mr. Kelly also explains how companies really do mineral exploration.

And to do that, he brings news about the three crown jewels in the Miramar's project portfolio: the Gidji, Mt Vernon at Bangermall and Whaleshark.

Miramar is looking at exciting times in their company's history as every exploration is revealing more of how much these jewels are shining.

1) Gidji

For Gidji, its consistent drilling results are showing signs, slowly but surely, of becoming a valued proposition. For Mr. Kelly, this could well be a new mineral camp sitting between Kalgoorlie and Paddington with a vast array of geological formations and mineralising tectonic settings.

2) Bangemall

The Mt Vernon project in the Bangemall is creating a lot of opportunities and the company now has new targets being generated which they will interpret and start more surveys to vector drill targets.

3) Whaleshark

This is the company's third major project that looks set to reveal even more secrets with time.

Follow Mr. Kelly as he deep dives into these three explorations:


00:00 Start

00:15 Introduction

00:53 Allan updates.

04:58 The development of Gidji into a monster project.

07:34 Why Gidji is going to be a Camp.

09:08 Taking stock of what is in Gidji - This is why Gidji is a Camp.

09:50 The first systematic exploration at Gidji.

10:25 KCGM actively drilling at Runway - 280m @ 1g/t.

11:41 KCGM has been drilling for two months - Something must be happening.

14:52 Gidji is strategically placed for corporate and discovery activities.

15:28 Bangemall Project - Mt. Vernon - Its History and Why it´s Prospective.

16:47 The Craton Margin Factor.

18:24: The Discovery of the Atlas Ni-Cu-PGE occurrences.

23:04 The EM response at Mt. Vernon - What it means for Investors.

25:30 The Interpretation of the geophysical data - How it is done.

26:30 How significant are these anomalies?

28:26 How do we interpret the intensity of the anomalies?

29:35 The three important requirements for discovery.

31:00 John Hronsky and the importance of deep lithospheric structures.

32:14 The Whaleshark Project - A Geological Reason on the High Prospectivity.

43:11 Miramar is now becoming a Three Project company.

46:32 The way of Good Mineral Exploration.

49:04 Conclusion.