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They’re back! The 2022 Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

✦ “After some very challenging years it's time to celebrate local business and how the contributions of local business enhances our lifestyle and opportunities in Wauchope and the Hastings Hinterland,” said Lisa McPherson, Wauchope Chamber Executive Officer.

The Awards are a celebration of local business and aim to recognise the hard work and resilience of businesses in the Wauchope and Hinterland region. They are a celebration of local business and acknowledge the contributions of local operators. They bring opportunities for local business to recognise their achievements, build rapport with their team, review their business journey, and consider their future plans.

Awards Categories

The Business Awards program includes two types of Awards – Local Excellence Awards and NSW Business Chamber aligned Awards.

Through the Local Chamber Alliance between the Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the NSW Business Chamber, the aligned Awards entries will feed into the NSW Business Chamber Mid North Coast Regional Awards. This collaboration presents opportunities for local businesses to gain exposure and promotion to a wider audience. Winners at the regional Awards go through to the State Awards later in the year.

This year 20 Award categories will be presented at the 2022 Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards:


1. Excellence in Accommodation and Hospitality 2. Excellence in Agriculture 3. Excellence in Creative Industries 4. Excellence in Health and Wellbeing 5. Excellence in Hair and Beauty 6. Excellence in Professional Services (20 employees or less) 7. Excellence in Professional Services (21 employees or more) 8. Excellence in Retail 9. Excellence in Tourism 10. Excellence in Trades, Industry & Manufacturing

11. Excellence in Work Health and Safety


12. Outstanding Employee 13. Outstanding Young Business Leader. 14. Employer of Choice 15. Excellence in Sustainability 16. Outstanding Community Organisation 17. Outstanding Start-up 18. Excellence in Micro Business 19. Excellence in Small Business 20. Business of the Year

Celebrating local business

While it is important to have a positive image, it's also important to be respected within your industry. The Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards are a great way of gaining recognition and respect among your peers. They can help you develop deeper relationships with customers, investors, suppliers, partners and the media.

Winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner – Sat 27 August at Wauchope RSL Club.

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