Jaquie Love, Secret Sisterhood

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

A Women’s Empowerment Movement and Social Enterprise To Create Change

Starting secretly online, in houses, offices and communities - you can be one of the special few that will change the world, by helping and empowering those who are disadvantaged because of their gender. Secret Sisterhood will do so, by creating a million-strong community of women and girls who vow to empower, uplift and support one another.

Founded upon the belief that if women and girls come together they can eliminate gender inequality, their mission as a social enterprise is to provide a supportive and uplifting community for women and girls (and the men that love them). Their belief is that every person deserves to feel as though they have a safe space.

One of the founding sisters, Jacquie Love has always been passionate about women’s causes, but is especially passionate about Secret Sisterhood, a movement of amazing women and girls offering beautiful jewellery, inspired events and community gatherings. 100% of all profits from the group’s endeavors go to women’s charities.

Here's the interview with Jacquie Love.

Tell us about yourself and the Secret Sisterhood, Jacquie.

Jacquie Love, the founder of Secret Sisterhood, feature story by  Brilliant-Online
Jacquie Love, the founder of Secret Sisterhood

I am the founder of Secret Sisterhood, a women’s empowerment movement and social enterprise. We empower, uplift and inspire women as I believe that no person should ever be disadvantaged because of their gender. We created a symbol for gender equality, as there was no symbol out there! I am so passionate about spreading our symbol into the world as symbols are so uniting and can help spark monumental change.

Secret Sisterhood Symbol Necklaces, Jacquie Love, Secret Sisterhood, feature story by Brilliant-Online

Secret Sisterhood symbol is one of a kind. It represents a community of women and girls who stand for women's empowerment. It represents love, unity and the feminine heart.

We sell jewellery that features our symbol and then give 100% of our profits to women’s empowerment initiatives. Thousands of women around the world have joined our Sisterhood community and have worn their symbol in solidarity. Through their support, we have helped fund a range of initiatives. We have helped fund anti-trafficking programs, girls’ education, a domestic violence hotline and we have given micro-finance loans to women in developing countries. We have also helped distribute birthing kits to women in rural villages as well as menstrual hygiene products to women in Uganda.

Why did you start Secret Sisterhood?

I started Secret Sisterhood after a charity immersion trip to India. I was studying fashion design at university and undertook a sub-major in journalism. When I was studying journalism I came across the issue of human trafficking and was blown away by the horrific nature of the crime and that it was happening at such magnitude. I became very passionate about the issue and how it was very much a gender-based crime. When I finished university, I started questioning whether I still wanted to be in the fashion industry. So when the trip to India came up, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get away and get some perspective.

India completely changed my perspective on everything. We visited slums where girls are often trafficked and found out that they are often trafficked at the young ages of 10, sometimes even younger. We also visited the brothels where girls are often forced to work in, and the conditions are absolutely horrendous. No person should ever have to live like that. No person should ever have their freedom, voice and dignity taken away.