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The NSW Highlanders Inc. are preparing for the World Pipe Band Championships!

Updated: May 1

✦ Experience a truly Scottish Ceilidh and help support NSW Highlanders Inc. as they get ready for the World Pipe Band Championships on 16 and 17 Aug!

Every year, Scotland welcomes the entire world to Glasgow Green to celebrate the World Pipe Band Championships. It may come as a surprise to some that pipe bands have a dedicated following, and those who are involved take it very seriously in their training!

Piping up in celebration at the World Pipe Band Championships! (Photo: | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
Piping up in celebration at the World Pipe Band Championships! (Photo:

NSW has its very own pipe band!

Believe it or not, we have our unique pipe band right here in New South Wales!

The NSW Highlanders Inc. was established in 2009 with the aim to establish a support network between country pipe bands of NSW. Since 2007, many members from pipe bands across NSW and guests from Queensland and Tasmania have joined with this band to compete locally and overseas.

The band even have their own kilts! They use the NSW Scottish Rifleman’s Regiment tartan. The band's Pipe Major is Jamie Hunt from Tamworth, and members are aged 10 to 80!

Origin of the NSW Highlanders Inc.

It started in 2007 with a composite band as the NSW Highlanders which was what they competed under. At that time, the Wingham Services Club Pipes & Drums did not have enough members to compete in the huge pipe band contests. In order to attract new blood, they came up with the aim to compete in the 2008 World Pipe Band Championships. This started a snowball effect where members of other bands became involved. Over the last two years, they continued to grow and this gave birth to the NSW Highlanders Pipe Band.

Photo Credit: Nick Vizintin

Playing in competitions

The NSW Highlanders have competed in many competitions in Scotland, including the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow 2008, 2011 and 2014. They also took part in the New Zealand Pipe Band Championships 2016 and have been taking part in the NSW Pipe Band Championships, Queensland Pipe Band Championships and Australian Pipe Band Championships regularly since forming in 2008.

Participating in these world championships is a challenge. Beyond the training, each playing member has to fund their own travel arrangements across Australia and the world. This includes expenses for drum hire, transportation, entry fees into events etc. Members rely on fundraising events to help them make this a reality.

Watch the NSW Highlanders Inc. in action!

In order to help raise funds to participate in this year's World Pipe Band Championship in Scotland, the NSW Highlanders Inc. will be organising a special Scottish Ceilidh on Saturday 18th May at the Paceway Pavilion, Showground Road, Tamworth. Camping is available onsite and doors open at 6pm. A Scottish Ceilidh (kay-lee) is a fun-filled night of dancing, good Scottish music, great food and even better company!

What's happening at this fun autumn weekend in the Country Music capital of Australia:

  • NSW Highlanders Inc. performing along with the Tamworth Pipe Band

  • Highland dancers

  • Small pipes display

  • A truly Scottish Raffle

  • A three-course Scottish dinner and “the Address to the Haggis”

Tickets only $48.00 each which includes a three-course traditional Scottish dinner. Get yours now as tickets are limited.

If you can't make it for this event, note that some members of the NSW Highlanders Inc. will also attend the Bonnie Wingham weekend Saturday 1st June (Blacktown and Sydney Thistle has events on in Sydney) and they are hoping NSW Highlanders can get a mini practice in while there. Don't miss out on watching them and show your support in their participation in the world championships!

Contact NSW Highlanders Inc.

Steve 0428416048 or Geoff 0416233882


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