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Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited - from Kaolin Producer into High Grade Silica

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

✦ Today's highlight is with Robert Martin, Executive Chair of Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited (ASX:SUV) on their Silica project in the Gingin region of Western Australia.

Robert Martin, Executive Chair of Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited, Noel Ong, Samso, featured on Brilliant-Online

Suvo Strategic Minerals was listed on the ASX in 2020 (ASX:SUV). Suvo is one of only three players in the Kaolin sector and they are also the only one with a processing plant which makes this Kaolin and Silica small cap resource company a producer.

Those are all exciting points to take note of. Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, has always been one to spot very interesting companies with a trajectory that makes you look at them differently. So it did not take him long to get hold of Mr. Martin and get the details of Suvo's high grade silica story.

In December 2020, Suvo added the Imery processing plant and the Pittong project in Victoria. These two milestones have effectively moved the company into the producer stage. And that, as Robert Martin tells us, is a sign that the value adding is just starting.

What we want to really sit up and take notice is their Silica project in WA. It is something Suvo has and which is not valued.

The Nova silica sand project located in the Gingin region of Western Australia could well create value that the market has missed. This is one project well worth paying attention to. One of the reasons is the company's commitment to ESG.

Suvo has an ESG team to help them focus on sustainability in their mining efforts. The company is clearly looking way ahead long term. While we may be looking at the start of their value adding right now, it would be interesting to follow their development and see how their ESG efforts convert into something beneficial in the future, not just for their shareholders but on a much larger scale, for their communities and the environment.

There are Four Revenue Streams from the Silica project and one of them is exporting high grade silica. Listen to the video to understand what they are.


00:00 Intro

01:08 Robert Martin tells us about Suvo.

05:29 What is the Kaolin Market? What is significant about Suvo's projects?

09:29 What does Halloysite mean for Suvo?

11:14 Suvo can produce different types of Kaolin products.

14:52 Suvo has 30 years of Kaolin experience.

16:32 The Silica Story.

18:51The Silica Flower Story.

20:49 Why Silica projects can work.

24:13 Environmental hurdles for silica projects.

25:47 Why ESG may make silica projects more feasible.

27:09 Silica is all about physical waste as opposed to chemical waste.

27:47 Robert Martin shares his thoughts on the journey of Suvo.

30:15 The virtues of the silica market.

31:32 The Kaolin market is very big.

32:38 Samso's thoughts

33:58 We are in the New World.

34:47 Conclusion


About Robert Martin

Mr Martin has over 20 years’ experience across the mining services, supply chain and capital market sectors. Mr Martin has owned and operated a highly successful mining services company which became a leading provider of products and services to the mining industry and operated globally with offices across Australia and internationally. After seven years of revenue and profitability growth and expansion into multiple countries, Mr Martin’s company was acquired by a prominent Perth business for an undisclosed multi-million dollar sum. Mr Martin runs a family office in Western Australia with a focus on investing and supporting emerging private and public businesses, and currently holds the position of non-executive director at PARKD Limited and is the non-executive chairman of publicly listed Critical Resources Limited.

About Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited

Suvo Strategic Minerals is a dual commodity Australian mining company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:SUV) focused on the development of their 100% owned White Knight Kaolin Project located in the Yilgarn Craton in the central wheat belt and their 100% owned Nova Silica Project located in the Gin Gin Scarp near the township of Eneabba all situated within Western Australia.

About the Nova Silica Sand Project

The Nova Silica Sand Project is a 100% owned potential large-scale Silica Sand resource located in the Gin Gin scarp near the township of Eneabba the project has existing rail cart transport solutions direct from the tenements to Geraldton port.

Suvo's ESG Strategy

Robert highlighted that Suvo has engaged an ESG team to help Suvo look at sustainable ways to rejuvenate what they have mined and further reduce carbon footprint for example using solar powered resources. The ESG strategy will see a long term intent to add value to shareholders as well as to communities and the environment.

Contact Suvo Strategic Minerals Limited

a/ Level 9, 182 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000

p/ +61 8 9389 4495


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