European Metals Holdings Limited to position as next Lithium Miner in Europe

Updated: Apr 21

Is Mining Zinnwaldite an Overlooked Lithium Source?

I interviewed Keith Coughlan, Executive Chairman of European Metals Holdings Limited (ASX & AIM:EMH, NASDAQ: ERPNF) on their positioning as the next lithium miner in Europe.

European Metals Holdings Limited (EMH) has found itself within a series of major cathode, battery and automative manufacturers - in other words, the company is perfectly placed.

EMH is an intriguing company as it is in a lithium space that is not so well-known to investors. Mr. Coughlan shed some light and brought clarity to what the company is doing - mining Zinnwaldite, a micaceous mineral. It has a highly complicated mineral chemistry, KLiFeAl(AlSi3)O10(OH,F)2, and it comes from the least known lithium mineral to the average investor. (The other micaceous lithium mineral is lepidolite).

What caught my attention was, the first time he noticed EMH in 2018, the company shares were sub AU$0.30. And currently, the company is valued at a range of AU$1.55 with a market capitalisation of AU$271 Million. That is quite a leap from 2018.

It is interesting to learn from Mr. Coughlan why this project could be a giant killer in the lithium space in a couple of years. Considering how strategically placed the project is in Europe, it is set to be the source for all things related to the EV Revolution to European manufacturers.

“The recovery of up to 92% of the lithium in the zinnwaldite concentrate at this early stage of DFS testwork is very promising for increased recoveries during the planned process optimisation work,” said Keith Coughlan

About Keith Coughlan

Executive Chairman

Keith has almost 30 years’ experience in stockbroking and funds management. He has been largely involved in the funding and promoting of resource companies listed on the ASX, AIM and TSX. He has advised various companies on the identification and acquisition of resource projects and was previously employed by one of Australia’s then largest funds.

Keith was previously the Non–Executive Chairman of ASX listed Talga Resources Limited. He is currently the Non-Executive Chair of Doriemus PLC and a Non-Executive Director of Calidus Resources Limited.

Keith is a member of the Audit & Risk Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee.

Keith Coughlan, Executive Chairman of European Metals Holdings Limited (ASX & AIMEMH, NASDAQ ERPNF), Coffee with Samso, Brilliant-Online Investments

About European Metals Holdings Limited (ASX:EMH)

European Metals Holdings Limited (ASX & AIM: EMH, NASDAQ: ERPNF) is the owner of the Cinovec Lithium/Tin Project (“Cinovec”) Cinovec, which is the largest hard rock lithium deposit in Europe. Cinovec is also the fourth largest non-brine deposit in the world and a globally significant tin resource and is fully funded through to Final Investment Decision, expected early 2022.

Geomet s.r.o. controls the mineral exploration licenses awarded by the Czech State over the Cinovec Lithium/Tin Project. Geomet s.r.o. is owned 49% by European Metals and 51% by CEZ a.s. through its wholly owned subsidiary, SDAS. Cinovec hosts a globally significant hard rock lithium deposit with a total Indicated Mineral Resource of 372.4Mt at 0.45% Li2O and 0.04% Sn and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 323.5Mt at 0.39% Li2O and 0.04% Sn containing a combined 7.22 million tonnes Lithium Carbonate Equivalent and 263kt of tin reported 28 November 2017 (Further Increase in Indicated Resource at Cinovec South). An initial Probable Ore Reserve of 34.5Mt at 0.65% Li2O and 0.09% Sn reported 4 July 2017 (Cinovec Maiden Ore Reserve – Further Information) has been declared to cover the first 20 years mining at an output of 22,500tpa of lithium carbonate reported 11 July 2018 (Cinovec Production Modelled to Increase to 22,500tpa of Lithium Carbonate).

This makes Cinovec the largest hard rock lithium deposit in Europe, the fourth largest non-brine deposit in the world and a globally significant tin resource.

The deposit has previously had over 400,000 tonnes of ore mined as a trial sub-level open stope underground mining operation.