Green Compressors are taking Sprintex Limited into the EV Space

Updated: Apr 13

✦ Jay Upton, Managing Director of Sprintex Limited (ASX:SIX) shares about the partnership with Aeristech Limited that is making the company go even greener.

Jay Upton, Managing Director of Sprintex Limited, Noel Ong, Samso, featured on Brilliant-Online

Sprintex Limited's announcement is about their new partnership with Aeristech Limited. Together, they are going into the green, no emission space and making their presence felt, particularly in the Chinese industrial market.

The company is working with Aeristech Limited to supply the Sprintex products into hydrogen energy and clean air markets, including hydrogen fuel cell, industrial turbo blowers and compressor sets.

With the world economy going green, Sprintex is definitely sprinting ahead to make sure they are well in the green industry. And they are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are among the players in this growing sector.

This new partnership is important because Sprintex will be supplying Hydrogen Fuel Cell Compressors and this will allow the company to be seen as a Green Engineering company that designs and manufactures clean air compressors.

We are basically looking at a company that is on the path to participating in the renewable and clean energy technologies in automotive and other industries.

Richard Wall, Executive Chairman of Aeristech, said:

“We are delighted to initiate this partnership with Sprintex. The addition of the engineering resources of Sprintex to our team will help to accelerate product development in key power ranges.

Sprintex commercialisation resources will bolster our revenue growth particularly in the Asian markets. We are very excited with this opportunity to boost our revenue growth in the fast growing hydrogen fuel cell market, key to achieving global emissions reduction and the deceleration of climate change.”

Jay Upton, Sprintex Managing Director said:

“This strategic collaboration will stimulate the excellent synergy between the two companies on product development, global resources for supply chain and sales.

Sprintex aims to offer the most competitive products to the surging electrification, hydrogen fuel cell and next-gen industrial compressor market. Sprintex and Aeristech are confident that under this collaboration, both parties will accelerate the expansion of market coverage and the realisation of revenues leading to profits.”

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, has been keeping an eye out on companies that are going green and he talks to Mr. Upton about what the company is doing in production and what they are supplying the market with. Another interesting thing to note is the opening of the China factory. This is going to open up another part of the business that will create a new revenue stream.

Noel had spoken earlier with Mr. Upton about the company's take on green and efficient engineering. Read about it here, and stay tuned for an exciting update on their Green story on the ASX with Noel and Mr. Upton.


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01:53 - The Compressor is not just for vehicles.

03:15 - How Sprintex started the road to electrifying their compressors.

06:25 - How this partnership will open the market for Sprintex.