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Shark sighted. How Port AdVenture Cruises saved Joel.

Updated: Feb 10

✦ The day the Rhythmboat became a rescue boat for Joel

Amidst the lively entertainment that Port AdVenture Cruises offered, the day took an electrifying turn. David, the seasoned cruise director of the magnificent Rhthymboat, was guiding his crew and passengers through the picturesque Lady Nelson Wharf. The sun was blazing, the sea shimmered, and laughter filled the air.

Then, an unexpected sight jolted everyone from their carefree revelry. A young boy, stranded on a sandbar as the tide had ebbed away, desperately called out for help. His wide eyes and trembling voice conveyed his sheer terror. What had triggered this alarm was even more spine-tingling - a lurking shark, stealthily prowling nearby.

Without hesitation, Dave sprang into action. He relayed swift orders to the captain, directing the boat to a dramatic about-face. The emergency ladder clanked into place at the bow, and the vessel surged toward the sandbar with superheroic action.

The Rhythmboat was as if a lifeline had materialised for the stranded boy. With nerves of steel, he climbed the ladder, his heart pounding, and the jaws of danger snapping just beneath the surface. With a final triumphant leap, he found himself safe aboard the Rhythmboat.

Joel, the young boy, was shivering, his body chilled from enduring 45 harrowing minutes on that isolated sandbar. Port AdVenture Cruises wasted no time. They wrapped him in warm blankets, handed him a steaming cup of comfort in the form of a hot drink, and a bag of lollies as sweet as their rescue.

Joel's relief was palpable. His quivering lips curled into a smile as warmth spread through his trembling limbs. It was a moment of heroism, where a crew of everyday people became heroes.

In the spirit of camaraderie, Port AdVenture Cruises continued its journey with a shared sense of victory among the passengers. They knew that sometimes heroes wore captain's hats and navigated vessels but with a token of compassion and valor.

Indeed, it was serendipity that had placed Port AdVenture Cruises in that precise spot at that exact moment. Sharks prowled these waters, an ever-present reminder of the wild depths below. But, thanks to the timely intervention of the Rhythmboat, Joel didn't have to make the perilous choice of confronting the sea's apex predator. The heroes of Port AdVenture Cruises had come to the rescue, leaving an indelible mark on a day that had begun as just another cruise but had transformed into an unforgettable tale of courage and compassion.

Other Super Ventures

In the realm of entertainment, Dave seized an extraordinary opportunity to leverage his chosen profession for the greater good. Over the years, he has extended a helping hand by generously donating his boat and services to numerous worthwhile causes.

" Among these endeavours, one stands out as my proudest and most heartwarming achievement: our annual hosting of the Wayside Chapel Christmas party since the memorable year of 1983," he told us.

The Wayside Chapel, renowned for its open arms and unwavering compassion, extends a heartfelt invitation to all those who may find themselves lonely or destitute on Christmas Day. It's a day of sharing a beautiful lunch amid a festive Christmas scene.

" We are privileged to play a significant role in enhancing the experience. We provide the music, turning what was once a simple gathering into a grand street dance party. The atmosphere is electrifying, brimming with goodwill and an abundance of love, creating a magical and heartwarming ambiance," Dave said.

David continued this cherished tradition every Christmas Day until four years ago when, due to his relocation to Port Macquarie, the travel and commitments in his new home made it logistically impossible for him to attend. However, a dear friend stepped in to take up his role, and the day has continued to grow in both size and significance with each passing year.

One unforgettable moment, a mix of both highlight and lowlight, has etched itself into Dave's memory. It was the year when the esteemed former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, graced the event with his presence, a tradition he has continued year after year. In a moment of unintended comic relief, Dave introduced him to the crowd as "Malcolm Fraser"!

" To my chagrin, this amusing gaffe made its way onto national news that very night. Yet, despite the name mix-up, Malcolm Turnbull and his wife, Lucy, have remained steadfast supporters of the Wayside Chapel, and I am grateful for their understanding and continued commitment to this noble cause," he said.

What's happening with the Rhythmboat recently?

The Rhythmboat serves as a public vehicle, it undergoes a necessary inspection every three years, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

Now, Dave, Elsa and their crew prepare for an exciting and bustling summer season. Their schedule is brimming with pre-booked Christmas parties, engaging social events, live entertainment that promises to dazzle, and serene river cruises that offer the chance to spot playful dolphins. It's a season filled with anticipation and joy, and they can't wait to share these unforgettable experiences with their guests.

Upcoming Cruise Events

September/October Cruises

- Seniors big day out - Tuesday 10th & 24th October

- Rockabilly’s - Sunday 8th October

- Pink Cruise - Saturday 14th October 11am-3pm - breast cancer fundraiser

- Hot Cruise!! YK 2000 - Saturday 14th October - 6-10pm. For tickets sold in September, a $5 per ticket donation will go to support Women’s Mental Health - Liptember

- Bogan Bingo - Saturday 21st October

- Halloween Cruise - Saturday 28th October - DJ Cruise - 6-10pm

School Holiday Cruises

Morning cruise 11-1pm

Sunset cruise 4-6pm

November/December Cruises

Melbourne Cup - 7 Nov

Christmas Day lunch - 25 Dec

Christmas Day afternoon/sunset

New Year Cruise

To Book a Port AdVenture Cruise

Call: +61 434 393 199


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