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Ross Louthean, a legendary journalist brings insights to the ASX spectrum

✦ He is a legendary journalist in the Australian Minerals Industry. Ross Louthean has much wisdom to share.

Investors and those in the market will know the name Ross Louthean. He is a journalist who has been active in this industry since the 1970s. Anything that has happened in the ASX has not escaped his eye - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso was thrilled to get Mr. Louthean to share his insights on the mineral exploration industry on Samso Insights.

Mr. Louthean talks about his experiences over the years and looks at how the industry has changed since the early days of "punting" the stocks. The industry and the way companies work and how investors engage have gone through changes.

Get your nuggets of wisdom from Ross Louthean here.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:11 About Ross

02:35 How do you stand out from the crowd?

04:13 Strength of commodities

07:15 Paid journalism

08:55 Any regrets about past stories?

12:21 Golden years in New Zealand?

15:03 Sharing about a processing hub.

18:15 Is it harder to find discoveries now?

19:53 Long term commodities.

20:36 Lithium Rare Earths story.

24:25 The Poseidon Story.

27:55 All-in sustaining costs in mines.

29:08 Looking back at Kalgoorlie and other mining towns.

30:21 How do companies stand out from the crowd?

32:05 Words of wisdom to mining companies.

32:54 What should gold miners do to get up on the podium?

34:01 Words from Ross.

35:43 Conclusion

About Ross Louthean


Ross Louthean began his media life in the engine room of WA Newspapers in the early 1960s. He wrote for the West Australian and Daily News, and then joined the Whyalla News and after 18 months became regional journalist for ABC News in Port Pirie.

Ross was then transferred to the same position in Kalgoorlie at the start of the nickel boom and two years later joined the Daily News as a business and political writer, then became a freelance writer with a photographer in Kalgoorlie for several publications.

He was later lured to Sydney by Max Newton to edit The Australian Miner but with changes in that empire, he returned to Perth to launch the National Miner and later the Register of Australian Mining for Lang Hancock.

Later he started Mining Monthly and Lodestone Press. When this business was sold, Ross developed ASX listed Resource Information Unit. When the company was delisted, he left to develop Louthean Media (later Paydirt Media) before becoming a freelance writer working for overseas publications and websites.

This journey led to the partnership with Carl Knox-Robinson to develop which ran for several years before the changing political views in New Zealand made it unviable. Louthean writes for friends' websites and remains on the committee of Diggers & Dealers, and co-wrote three books “The Mining Revolution (on diamonds), “Australia’s Nickel Adventure” and “Doug McGay Story - From Paddy Hannan to Genghis Khan” .



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