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Purple Rain winner Alycia Lipovac loves art in all of its forms

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

✦ A love of drawing nurtured at high school studying visual arts, learning about art history, discovering different artists and their ideas, all encouraged Alycia to pursue her love of art.

Art lessons in her senior years at high school from a local tutor named Anna furthered Alycia's interest and passion and enabled her talent to grow. Alycia credits Anna saying, “I definitely wouldn't be where I am now without her guidance. She pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and begin experimenting with paints and colour and now I approach most projects with the intention to paint! She supported me in approaching different and unusual subjects, as well as teaching me the basics of portraits, landscapes, and her favourites, roses.

"My development as an artist has travelled alongside my personal development and as such the two have come to be aligned in a few of my more personal works. Usually, I try to dip my toe in a bit of everything if working from a reference - portraits, landscapes, flowers - but some works are formed entirely as an idea in my mind that I want to express."

Why did she enter the art exhibition at Wauchope Creative Hub?

Originally hearing about the Wauchope Creative Hub at a market day she has a stall at sparked her interest to check out the artist collective. A lady noticed the hand painted cards she was selling and mentioned she should look into the hub, as she had a friend who was selling similar things there.

Always on the look out for another venture, Alycia found Wauchope Creative Hub on Facebook. She found the information about the Purple Rain exhibition, thought it looked like a great opportunity for exposure and the theme was such a fun idea!

”Now that I've visited the hub for a few times, I can see it becoming one of my favourite places,” she told us.

The inspiration for the Purple Rain winner

The theme was definitely a consideration. She pondered painting lasiandras in honour of the festival, she does often paint flowers. “I couldn't ignore the connection to Prince's song Purple Rain and spent some time thinking about what I might want to do with it," Alycia said. "I looked through some purple references until I found my idea.“

As she was sketching it up initially, she was thinking about how to exactly interpret the theme. “Even though the painting has actual purple rain, I wanted it to be more than that. I started to see my subject listening to the song. I played it often as I worked too, and as she appeared, I felt like dancing along with her.” Alycia said.

An unsuspecting winner

As there were so many amazingly talented artists and works which she thought for sure had a chance at being the winning piece, Alycia did not have any preconceived notion of being the winner.

“You never know what the judges will like - art is so subjective and one person can see something in a work others may not," she said. "Honestly, when it was announced I had reached the peak of my nerves; the combination of the excitement and pride, being asked to speak and accept the prize, put me a bit out of body. You don't expect it will be you. Having people recognise your work and celebrate it is surreal.”

It means a lot to be seen as an artist, especially locally

Even more, an artist worth awarding. Alycia believes this is her first big step into the areas large creative community. It means that she will continue painting for others to see and taking on more opportunities like the Purple Rain art competition.

Wonderful feedback received and painting sold!

Alycia has received wonderful feedback from her entry and subsequent win in Purple Rain, particularly online. Having a lot of family and friends both near and far who follow what she is doing with her creative pursuits on Facebook, she received many supportive comments from people who loved the painting.

“I also heard from one of the beautiful people at Wauchope Creative Hub that they've overheard customers come in and mention that they wouldn't mind owning the piece since it was a winner!" Alycia said. "Incredibly, it has already sold! That is one of the greatest pieces of feedback, that someone loves it enough to take it home.”

When we asked her if she would enter again, Alycia responded: “I would love to enter again! Should the competition run alongside the festival again next year I would certainly be interested in participating.“

Creating is Alicia's greatest love

Always finding ways to make her creativity available to others, Alycia is looking to pursue a career with her artworks. “I think creating something which speaks to someone else is what makes me happiest and there is no better way to spend your life than in the pursuit of happiness,” she said.


Alycia Lipovac


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