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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

✦ Our CEO, Veronica Lind was given the hard task of selecting the winners in the various categories of the 2022 Purple People Day Awards.

She told us,“ I had the pleasure to judge the 38th Wauchope Lasiandra Festivals Purple People Day competition this year. Brilliant-Online has been supporting the Wauchope Lasiandra Festival, Wauchope businesses and the community for the past year in the lead up to the festival. It is heartening to see how some businesses are involving the community to show off how proud they are to be a part of their town Wauchope.”

Veronica said an example was TG’s Child Care at Riverbreeze; who showed us they are supporting their families who have local businesses, and they also encouraged their families to discuss with their children what they love about Wauchope and the Lasiandra Festival.

She added, “The local newsagency had cut out Lasiandra flowers and people were writing their wishes and pinning them onto their glass window. The Village Preschool had a sign up that said “Honk, if you love Wauchope”; cars where honking their horns all day! Wauchope Creative Hub encouraged budding artists to submit art entries in the Purple Rain theme. Even the Vietnamese ladies at Spectacular Beauty made their own pop-up Lasiandra Flower greeting cards.”

And like Lasiandra Secretary Chrissy said, “Brilliant-Online has brought the Wauchope Lasiandra Festival to another level.”

Brilliant-online looks forward to our involvement next year.


Best Dressed Individual Staff Costume

Winner - Toni Lee-Paine TG’s Hastings St (above)

Runner-up – Amanda Acreman TG’s Hastings St

Highly Commended - Jovica Hollis TG’s Riverbreeze

BEST Dressed All Staff

Winner - The Village Preschool & LDC

Runner-up – Wauchope Travel, Tamara & Kate

Highly Commended - Wauchope Pharmacy

BEST Large Window Display

Winner - TG’s Riverbreeze

Runner-up – Wauchope Newsagency

Highly Commended – Midcoast Uniform Solutions

BEST Small Window Display

Winner - Spectacular Beauty

Runner-up – The Village Preschool & LDC

Highly Commended - Al’s Bakehouse

BEST Premises Display

Winner - TG’s High Street

Runner-up – Spectacular Beauty

Highly Commended - Bugden & Partners

BEST Charity

Winner - St Vincent de Paul

Runner-up - Lifeline


Wauchope Creative Hub


The Secretary

Wauchope Lasiandra Festival

Ph. 0412 137 621


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15 mar 2022

Wow!!! We think this year Purple day was the best for long time. CONGRATS WAUCHOPE 👏👏👏2022

Me gusta
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