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Wauchope and Port Macquarie are lucky to have the largest playground in the treetops in Australia

Updated: Jun 30

✦ Experience a whole new sense of gravity, bounce from room to room and discover a variety of fun games in the biggest suspended network of interconnected netted spaces.

The fun includes giant bouncy netted rooms, tree houses, inflatable horses, suspension bridges, ball pits, slides, pods, giant inflatables and many other exciting features for all ages and abilities. From 1-year-old to the young at heart, everyone can find their inner child while jumping, racing, playing and connecting with their loved ones. At WildNets visitors can enjoy 2 hours of fun up in the treetops in the Guulabaa Precinct in Cowarra State Forest, just off the M1 at Port Macquarie.

Family Friendly Fun at WildNets as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine
WildNets - Fun For Everyone!

From Construction Manager Djindi Galimard:

“My cousin Marius Gaymard and myself founded WildNets together because we saw that our values and goals aligned. We both worked in the adventure park industry for many years, mostly for Treetops until it was sold but also for other companies in Australia and overseas. I started as an instructor when I was 14 years old and, over the years, worked in maintenance, construction, and more recently design and development. I am an advanced rigger by trade and have also studied Business. Marius worked as Business Development Manager and was overseeing 6 adventure parks for over 5 years. We believe it’s a perfect partnership as we are both specialised in different aspects of the business.”

“We’re proud to be part of a community-wide initiative to celebrate our natural surroundings and the Biripi land where WildNets Adventure Park sits.” ~ WildNets

The main goal of the park is to immerse young people in nature, or as Djindi says, “to get them off the net and into the nets. We are passionate about the environment and are really worried about the future of koalas. As a result, we’ve decided to give 50% of our profits to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital for their new koala breeding program being added to the Guulabaa Precinct.

WildNets Port Macquarie and Wauchope's newest attraction as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine
Get off the net and into the nets!

“Our main partner is Forestry Corporation NSW, who is working hard to promote State Forests and offer people a wide range of opportunities to recreate and reconnect with nature. They have also worked tirelessly to support the Koala Hospital. We’ve met some really passionate people who share our vision and goals. There are picnic tables and seats made from timber from the forest on site and more eco-friendly facilities will be added in the coming year.”

WildNets is the largest playground in the treetops of the Cowarra State Forest  as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine
The largest playground in the treetops in Australia

They designed their dream park

Managing the construction and everything else from start to finish, Djindi and Marius told us the tricky part is always the design as they adapt to the environment provided to them to work with rather than adapting the environment to their needs.

“This is the sustainable way into the future. When designing a park, we start with the trees and terrain to develop the activities we have in mind. We always try new adventures and consider the feedback we received previously. The aim is to make it accessible, challenging, and enjoyable. So far, the feedback we are receiving at Port Macquarie shows that everyone loves it!” said Djindi.

Giant bouncy netted rooms and inflatables, tree houses, suspension bridges, and many other exciting features for all ages and abilities.

Guulabaa – Place of Koala is a new, world-first tourism experience

Wildness support the new Wild Koala Breeding Program

The nature based attraction has something for everyone.

It has been designed to include Port Macquarie Koala Hospitals koala wild breeding centre, the first of its kind in the world, a Bunyah Local Aboriginal Lands Council cafe and gallery, outdoor picnic areas and forest walking tracks.

The Big Koala, part of the Hello Koalas Sculpture Trail and beautiful local hardwood timber displays are standout features of the park.

Have fun whilst supporting the environment, 50% of all profits go to the new Wild Koala Breeding Program.

Where are Wildnets?

You can find WildNets Adventure Park at Guulabaa (Place of Koala) in the Cowarra State Forest between Port Macquarie and Wauchope on the Mid North Coast, NSW. The nets are made for kids of all ages and, if a slower pace is preferred, there are lots of places to sit back and watch the fun unfold. Choose your thrill-seeking level. No equipment needed and all abilities are welcome.

Just bring your sense of adventure. WildNets will take care of the rest.

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