Pam Hata, moving forward never looked so good

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✦ A Musical Message of Hope, featuring Big River Run, a sound track to support flood affected communities


Pam Hata hails from the land of the long white cloud, (Aotearoa, New Zealand) now

residing in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Pam plays a quirky blend of modern mash ups, originals and classic blues/roots folk funk reggae covers that will get toes tapping and hands clapping, this is a little lady with a big voice!

Pam spent most of 2020 writing her series of original eps “RAW” and “WILD” and toured them in 2021.

Photo Credit: "Wild" Bobby Rose Photography and Makeup by Abbie Taylor

Pam is a full-time independent solo artist drawing inspiration from life on the road and the sounds of the people and communities she meets on her travels.

Pam has supported acts and shared stages with the big names like Ben Lee, Busby Merou, Wolf Mother, Booseeka, Gold Member, The Beautiful Girls, Kalidad, Claud Hay, Pete Murray, Frank Sultana, Austin Alsop and most recently Ash Grundwald with Brad Cox and Chris Rose at the region’s first post-COVID festival “Live At The Smokehouse.”

With exposure at these shows, Pam boosted her portfolio and organic following even more, gaining momentum on the festival circuit.

Photo Credit: Derry Moroney Photography

A musical message of hope

The COVID pandemic and recent flood disaster events affected many townships across NSW. Pam's personal experiences within the big river cane country community of Maclean during this time has left its mark on her heart sound and style, inspiring her to write her most recent single release song "Big River Run".

Pam explains how the resilience she witnessed from within her local community gave light to this piece.

That's what rivers do, they keep flowing, just like the community here. They're really strong and resilient. They just keep moving forward.

Local businesses and independent artists collaborated in times of need creating an event to help lift the spirits of the devastated community. Pam was contacted to join the fundraising event relief efforts just after she and her family had been relocated out of their home by the SES.

"I received the call while standing in the evacuation centre. When we can help we should help, if it is in our power to do so."

"Big River Run" became the message of hope Pam used to directly contribute to the local community. With the help of Flat Jack's Sound Shack for the studio version, PTP Studio 31 and FM 103.1, Pam was able to have the single ready to air and was able to donate proceeds to the cause.

Listen to the track "Big River Run" Here

Track Acknowledgement: “Big River Run” remixed, mastered and produced by Jack Butcher of Flat Jacks Sound Shack

Watch Pam's Road Trip Promoting Big River Run

Acknowledgements: “Big River Run” remixed, mastered and produced by Jack Butcher of Flat Jacks Sound Shack and Filmographer