Orpheus Minerals Ltd (ASX:ORP) goes IPO

✦ A great uranium lesson for new investors to take note of. This is useful information from Simon Mitchell where you can learn about the roll-front and unconformity style uranium deposits.

Orpheus Minerals Limited (ASX: ORP) is currently completing their Initial Public Offer which will close at 5PM AEST Friday 25 November 2022.

Uranium has lost its shine since 2006 but now with the wave of global acceptance to build more nuclear reactors, the market sentiment for uranium is looking bright.

Simon Mitchell, Managing Director of Orpheus Minerals Limited (ASX: ORP) has extensive experience in the uranium sector and he gives a great summary of why Orpheus is on a path that is now getting some attention.

During the interview, Simon breaks down the Orpheus projects, the market sentiment for uranium and the two major styles of uranium geology.

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The future for uranium is going strong. Orpheus has selected projects in two Australian states that have good uranium mining policies. The company has several strong points which include a good project, an even better management, and a management team with a great wealth of experience in the uranium space, which is rarely seen. There are not many uranium exploration companies that have a staple of uranium experience like Orpheus Minerals Limited.

Lots to learn in this video


01:23 Introduction to Simon Mitchell.

02:38 Why Australia for Uranium?

03:37 Australian Uranium Province.

05:47 The Orpheus Paleo-Channel Projects.

06:15 The Orpheus Northern Territory Projects.

06:43 The Frome Project.

07:53 The Two Major Styles of Uranium Geology.

08:56 The Paleo-Channel / Roll-Front Uranium Style.

10:51 Do Paleo-Channel Uranium Projects occur together?

12:53 The Cooking Pot - Mineral System of Uranium Mineralisation.

13:56 Phosphate as a Uranium Pathfinder Mineral.

15:17 The Unconformity Uranium Geology.

20:08 Geological Unconformity Explained.

21:06 The Covid Unconformity Example.

21:25 Why is Uranium going to be in Focus?

26:33 Where is the Uranium Discussion Now?

27:44 What's the Global Nuclear Point of View?

32:34 What is the progress of Nuclear Safety?

34:46 Great Advancement of Safety in the Nuclear sector.

37:09 The Orpheus IPO Progress.

38:04 Key takeaway from Simon Mitchell.

38:39 Key management of Orpheus Minerals Limited.

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