OD6 Metals Limited (ASX: OD6) is showing Outstanding High-Grade Rare Earth Results

✦ Brett Hazelden, Managing Director and CEO of OD6 Metals Limited (ASX: OD6) brings proof of the pudding.

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The REE Story is not an easy one for investors to get their heads around, so having Mr. Hazelden explain what Rare Earth Elements is all about is helping investors get a head start on how to gain some perspective on this sector.

The recent results are showing the market that OD6 Metals has the asset to make the company a future REE producer.

OD6 Metals Limited's recent announcement on 10 November 2022 entitled "Outstanding High-Grade Clay Rare Earths with Extensive Areas Confirmed at Splinter Rock" needs a bit of analysis and Mr. Hazelden breaks down the story and explains what all the numbers mean.

Investors who are keen on this sector and who are looking for a literally rock solid message that is not about 'selling dreams', this is a good conversation to tune in to.

"These initial rare earth assay results are outstanding and represent some of the highest grades and thickest clay-hosted rare earth intersections seen in Australia. The extent and consistency of these shallow, high-grade clays have resulted in four significant prospects being identified that are between four and seven kilometers in width which are open in length, on our 2,579km2 Splinter Rock project.

More importantly, these drill results validate historic assays, plus they extend the discovery of clay-hosted rare earths across a new drill line perpendicular to the original line. This bodes well for future drilling, which we anticipate will significantly grow the known mineralised area.

The Splinter Rock Project, with its proximity to port and renewable energy generation potential, now has the very real potential to be a globally significant, world class group of mineral systems that could be a multigenerational asset as the world transitions to the decarbonised economy.

The scale of these clays is hard to comprehend when you start talking multiple kilometers in one direction at a thickness of between 10 to 30m. The potential is massive."

Comments by Brett Hazelden 10th November 2022

The REE business is a fast moving one, so it warrants doing some proper research on your own so you can get some merit in putting your money into the best option. From what can be seen, OD6 appears to have great management, and their projects look bulky and substantial.

More are revealed in the video, so get curious and dig deep into the REE story with Brett Hazelden.


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