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New Band Alert…Group Therapy

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

✦ Hailing from Port Macquarie, Group Therapy are crammed full of melancholic riff making, anthemic choruses and wildly sung melodies.

The five piece band members are all still at school and making waves on the youth scene.

Group Therapy, a new band in Port Macquarie as featured in Brilliant Magazine
Group Therapy

Incorporating elements of alternative rock, funk, punk and hard rock, their eclectic sound is gaining them new local fans and seeing them as regulars on the live music circuit – playing at Hot Tropics, More Often Than Not and recently Port Macquarie’s Artwalk.

Formed in 2021, their love of music forged a strong bond between the band mates which has seen them perfect their funk inspired sound through songwriting sessions at their managers studio V-Rock which is above Planet X.

Band members:

Cameron Alford – Vocalist

Rohan Gibson – Electric guitar

Rory Bush - Bass guitar and Keyboard

Nick Horder - Drums

Josh Gleeson - Electric guitar

Tell us a bit about what you love about being in Group Therapy?

Cam: Being a part of Group Therapy is very enjoyable. Jamming and writing songs together with a bunch of mates is a good time. It’s even better playing live for people and seeing them dance and love something you all made.

Rohan: The ‘Group TherapyTM’ experience is one of cosmically orgasmic proportions, so epic and intense that one might find themselves a completely new person afterwards.

Rory: Participation in the enlightenment of Group Therapy is a bewildering and beautiful experience, contributing to the therapeutic evangelisation of the future for rock music.

Nick: Group Therapy is the first ever true rock ‘n’ roll experience.

Josh: Group Therapy is an experience like no other. An experience that could make anyone moist to the core.

Watch Group Therapy Play

Next Gig at the More Often Than Knot Boat Party


Social media links

Instagram: @grouptherapyband_


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