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NEW BAND ALERT! - “Louise”

✦ Port Macquarie has been producing some great music recently across a wide range of genres. There are pockets of youthful talent sprouting up from all areas across the LGA and encompassing a wide variety of genres, including grunge, indie, and punk. This month we focus on new outfit “Louise”.

Louise are “a notoriously stripped back act… abrasive and minimalistic in style”. The three-piece hailing from Port Macquarie started off with a few GarageBand beats recorded in a wooden shed in the backyard. To hear Louise is to hear a revolution fury of punk, hip-hop with the bleakness of industrial loops, guitars and rants about life.

Louse as featured by Brilliant-Online
Oscar Plentinger, Vocals

The Band, Louise

Oscar Plentinger | Vocals

James Saidey | Beats and Guitar

Riley Ramke | Rapper

“We’ve got Oscar on backup vocals and turntables, James producing the beats and playing guitar and Riley rapping. Well known for hard hitting abrasive beats, heavy guitar riffs and rapid bars, Louise mixes an industrial and raw grit with a euphoric soundscape and leaves a lasting impression,” says guitarist James Saidey.

The boys have been a solid on the local live music scene, already having secured spots on the Hot Tropics, at Finnian's Irish Tavern and at house parties. They’re already a favourite amongst the local musos and look set to take off.

New Band Louise as featured in Brilliant-Online
New Band "Louise"

What’s it like to play in Louise?

Riley: “We just wanted to do something different, and we each share the same vision which makes it a cohesive experience. At the end of the day people do things because they have to or because they want to, we want to.”

Oscar: “A stifling blare of industrial energy, Louise is an agitated snub against the stale conformity in music today. I enjoy witnessing the infancy and growth of a collaborated musical objective… an idea progressively growing and maturing.”

James: “Being in a group that gets on stage with a guitar, a few microphones and a laptop is nothing short of interesting. It has its struggles with the stigma of electronic music seen as inferior, but we believe so strongly in the sounds we’re making and we work hard to achieve them, spending sleepless nights tweaking and re recording instrumentals, jamming, practising and writing just like a traditional band. Since growing unsatisfied with many modern bands sounding so stagnant, we decided to do it differently. We find that the best way to approach the sound we hear in our heads is with a computer, a mic and a cranked guitar amp.”

James on guitar. Band Louise as featured in Brilliant-Online
James Saidey on guitar

So what’s next for the band

"We are going to keep playing live, writing music and having fun. Our next show is on Saturday August 6th at Finnians Irish Tavern."


Instagram @louise_101101

Ph. 0491016437 or



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