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Meet the team at disAbility Maternity Care!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

✦ It is often said ‘Teamwork makes the Dream work’ and I have to say we agree. Our small team has grown over the last year, and we wanted to let you know more about who we are in this article. We have also provided a video about what we each do at DMC, why we do it, and a fun fact about ourselves.

Like all teams, we bring different strengths to the team, which is crucial in reaching our goals, whether short term, or long term. Recognising each other’s strengths, and working together is a strength of disAbility Maternity Care as an organisation. It benefits us at work, and benefits you as consumers. So we would like to tell you abit more about ourselves and our work superpowers:


Giorgio Di Lorenzo – Marketing Manager
Giorgio Di Lorenzo – Marketing Manager

Superpowers: Giorgio’s superpower is his ability to produce fantastic media, graphics and videos. Essentially, turning something ordinary into an inviting social media experience, whether it’s a fun fact or serious snippet. His other superpowers are his ability to manage IT issues and problem solve them. Namira says ‘We should call him Dr Giorgio as he certainly gets rid of my headaches.’

Favourite book – The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hood

Favourite movie - Snatch by Guy Ritchie


 Sophie Kubowicz – Administration Assistant
Sophie Kubowicz – Administration Assistant

Superpowers: Admin and database skills are Sophie’s superpowers. Commitment to detail and making sure everything that goes out for public scrutiny is perfect. Sophie’s other skill is fast response time and keeping the team on a time track. "She’s often done things as I go to mention them," Namira comments - "that’s working in sync."

Favourite book/ movie - I don’t have a favourite as there are too many!


Amanda Liddell – Project Education Officer
Amanda Liddell – Project Education Officer

Superpowers: being ‘with woman’ and all things midwifery is Amanda’s superpower. She brings her knowledge as a midwife to developing our education programs, combined with her passion working to support parents with disabilities. Her empathy working with women is reflected in the details of education program development.

Favourite book – The Secret River by Kate Grenville

Favourite movie - Moanna


Dr Namira Williams – CEO & Educator
Dr Namira Williams – CEO & Educator

Superpowers - Namira loves working on projects, collaborating with others and bringing everyone’s ideas together to make a final goal happen.

Her favourite project - "I’ve worked on lots of different projects, but one of my favourite was training a group of women from the Punjabi community to be community educators about women’s health screening.

"These five women then went back to the community to talk to the other women about why health screening was important and where to go for it. After the project was finished, some of these women went on to develop strong career roles in health. I loved to see that personal growth come from small projects."

Favourite book – There are too many good books to pick a favourite, but if I have to, then I love 'A Piece of Straw' by Junko Morimoto, which I used to read to my children. Such a great book to teach children the value of sharing and giving.

Favourite movie – Forrest Gump

DMC Meet The Team

We care

At disAbility Maternity Care we are all passionate about creating equality for parents with disabilities so that they are supported to be the parents they would like to be. If you haven’t been to our website, check it out here

We provide regular newsletter and information about what’s going on in this space. As always, we would welcome feedback.

If you would like to find out more, or have a question, contact

disAbility Maternity Care


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