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Meet the Candidates

Voters will go to the polls in September 2021 to decide Port Macquarie-Hastings Council's elected representatives for the next four years.

MAYOR Peta Pinson will lead a group ticket at the September local government elections. The group is the second to announce its intention to run at the local government elections with Lauren Edwards leading the charge for the Greens with Stuart Watson, Les Mitchell and Drusi Megget.

Here are the candidates

Danielle Maltman

I have a background working with State and Federal Government Agencies as a community and industry representative and more recently, President of the Revive Lake Cathie volunteer community-driven initiative. I’m a wife, mother and currently work with my husband in his drafting business.

Adam Roberts

I represented the Port Macquarie-Hastings community from 2012-2016 as a Councillor and for a period as deputy mayor. I have owned and operated a number of small businesses in Port Macquarie over the last 15 years. I’m a husband, father and I currently consult the food sports industry through my own consulting business and General Manager of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance.

Cr Sharon Griffiths

I’m a long-term resident, mother of two daughters and recently a grandparent to two beautiful grandchildren. I bring a positive, cooperative and solutions focus as a councillor of the past nine years. I endeavour to support community and was more recently honoured with becoming a community ‘hidden treasure on the NSW Honour Roll. I have a depth of knowledge in finance and business and have worked in accountancy, education and as a small business owner over the last 30 years.

Mayor Peta Pinson

I have generational connections to Port Macquarie and have a strong background in small business. I’m a wife, mother and nanna to Jaxon and Spencer. I was elected as mayor in the 2017 mayoral by-election. In my four-year term so far, I have worked tirelessly for the community against a backdrop of drought, bushfires, a worldwide pandemic and more recently the major floods. My support for the community has not wavered in that time and I’m more excited than ever to be afforded another opportunity to lead the community in what can only be better times.

Meet the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council candidates

Meet the candidates: Cr Sharon Griffiths, Mayor Peta Pinson, Adam Roberts and Danielle Maltman

What is your vision and priorities for the Greater Port Macquarie-Hastings region?

The focus of our team will be on making sure council is squarely focussed on expertly delivering its core services as a priority and to embark on an infrastructure, traffic management and broad-based beautification initiative that will enhance the quality of life for residents and the overall prosperity for the region.

How will you achieve this?

To achieve our plan for the region, we will ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to the critical areas of council operations and work with the Council CEO to ensure we have efficient, speedy and high-quality delivery of the priority projects.

Why should we vote for you?

We have committed to working efficiently and effectively with each other as a group. Our history and experience working for and on behalf of the community is well-proven and we are ready to lead from the front in aid of ensuring real outcomes, not excuses.

What are your thoughts on Port Macquarie being declared a Regional City by 2036?

Whilst we will (if elected) have seat at the discussion table on what the future looks like for our region, we would always keep in mind working with the State and Federal Government who have clearly identified our area as a future regional city.

Our focus will be on ensuring our family-friendly and unique identity remains, whilst providing on the ground experience and advocacy on well-balancing infrastructure, traffic management, green space management, jobs and economic growth.


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