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March is small business month

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

✦ Building a brilliant future for small businesses Made in Australia with pride

Proudly Supporting Brilliant Small Businesses

Small businesses have a very special place in our hearts at Brilliant-Online. And March is a month dedicated to every single small business owner in our communities. We see your efforts, value and contribution. And this month, small businesses take centre stage!

While big companies may appear to dominate the landscape and the news, small businesses have always been quietly keeping the cogs in the machine going in the background. In fact, there are a lot more small businesses out there than we think. Just because they are small in size does not mean they are small in number.

According to Mccrindle, small businesses dominate the Australian economy, with 99.8% of all Australian business considered a small to medium enterprise.

Just Keep Swimming

Dory got it right, and this is the mantra small businesses have branded into their psyche especially in overwhelming times - "Just keep swimming."

There are no words appropriate to describe the pandemic, and 'overwhelming' comes up short. The pandemic has been affecting businesses across the world and small businesses have been especially hard-hit. Even as of now, many small businesses are still holding their breath, trying to hold the rudder steady and find new ways to adapt and grow.

One would imagine some harsh statistics about how the pandemic has affected small businesses, but the numbers are actually more heartening than one would expect. It may be strange to know this, but the number of Australians running businesses has increased in spite of the pandemic.

"As of June 2021, there are 2,402,254 companies in Australia, with more than 227,000 exiting the market. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 365,000 were incorporated, leading to an increase in the number of companies by 3.8%. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the numbers are encouraging and this should be the first indicator to consider when setting up a business."

"According to the Bureau of Statistics, the number of small businesses jumped by 15.2 per cent over the last financial year. In the June quarter alone, the number of businesses rose by 1.4 per cent, with 34,000 created."

With that said, one cannot help but want to cheer on small businesses and support them to keep going, and even thrive.

Building Connections Supporting Small Businesses

At Brilliant-Online, something we are so proud about Australia is the tenacity and drive of small businesses. It is no new news that Australia has an entrepreneurial spirit, and that special energy and motivation to do one's best and give it a shot.

There are so many stories about small businesses we have heard and been inspired by. These small businesses are sharing their skills, knowledge, experience and passion to help keep our communities going. We are so proud of our Made in Australia small businesses that are supporting one another.

You can take a stroll through our Brilliant-Online community of small businesses and find something you need or can enjoy. With autumnal temperatures coming, Pura Vida's beautiful handmade crochet top keeps one cosy and perhaps a unique handmade necklace from Utopian Living could complement the look, and while you are at the shop, you may well enjoy an interesting story or two about the origins of all the variety of materials. If the trees in your garden are looking a bit poorly, the friendly arborists from Accomplished Tree Management can swing by to take a look and help perk things up. Or you could be another small business that needs some renovation, and Abstract Plastics can provide the solution with their applications.

There is something special about supporting small businesses in our communities that gives a sense of identity and connection. Every product or service that has been provided and purchased is a seed for a conversation and there is that trust in knowing where these products and services come from, and who provided them. It is our responsibility as consumers to ´do our homework´ and choose consciously what we want in our lives. With small businesses, what you see is what you get and there is a sincere honesty in what they are creating. Being able to put a name and a face to the people who provide our purchased products and services somehow intensifies the enjoyment of what we have and helps us live more consciously and fully.

Supporting small businesses is a way to slow down time and fully enjoy human connections. It helps one to enjoy and appreciate whatever we hold in our hands and what we possess even more. It is a powerful way to really see and hear the people around us, and appreciate their existence.

When you sit in your garden and enjoy the shade of your tree, you'll remember an anecdote your local arborist shared with you when he was pruning the tree. And if you bump into him in the street, he´ll probably ask how your tree is doing, like the tree is an old mutual friend. Perhaps by chance you meet your marriage celebrant on your way home from the hospital with your new baby and you recall what a special wedding it was thanks to her services.

Small businesses help nurture this very special feeling of inter-connectedness.

Small but mighty is how Brilliant-Online sees small businesses, and we are supporting them in these brilliant ways:

1. Magnifying small businesses brilliantly

We are helping businesses become more brilliant with our multi-dimensional digital canvas.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, one of our media partners, observed how results jumped 90x for his client Venture Minerals in just one month. Being on Brilliant opens up exciting new aspects for more effective engagement and broadens the reach of audience.

2. Helping Small Businesses Keep Up with the Times

In order to support our local communities well, we need to constantly update and be abreast or even ahead of trends and what´s to come.

It´s not about forcing or slapping on new technologies into an old format of publishing or advertising. Our current climate is that of the Gig Economy and the Experience Economy, which means we craft our work to suit this current climate in a format that readers and businesses can identify with and which is relevant and adapted to them.

We blend business, art, science, psychology, technology and maths, giving a multi-faceted source of information for readers. This gives depth, sparks insights and curiosity, and opens up objective thinking for businesses to share their stories in the Gig Economy and we are constantly striving forward towards an increasingly digital future.

3. Shoulder to Shoulder with Small Businesses through a Storm

When challenges come up, we aim to find solutions, adaptations and alternatives to allow small businesses to continue to grow.

The pandemic has been a real test for everyone, and Brilliant-Online was born and grew through this difficult period, and we were at the same time, able to support small businesses with different strategies.

Ultimately, clients feel reassured and their confidence even grow knowing that what they have put in with Brilliant-Online is helping them reap rewards. We work with small businesses side by side, understanding their concerns, worries and limitations, and we help by giving them peace of mind. They can see for themselves real leads and insights as to the customers they are targeting and how effective the engagements are.

Growing in the Never Normal World with Small Businesses

Through good and tough times, communities need to come together. Our inter-connectedness means when one thrives, the others benefit as well.

Solidarity is key to surviving, growing and thriving together. When we learn together, we grow better together.

Micro Business Forum has an event coming up on 16th March 2022 for Small Business Month. If you are planning to start your new business, do come along and find some useful guides on all you need to get started.

You can also book an expert during the Forum to speak to them about your business ideas, finance and tax, marketing and technology.

Book an expert at MBF Small Business Month

What is heartening for small business owners to know is that they are not alone in what they are experiencing. There are many challenges, disappointments, fears, frustrations and sometimes hopelessness when one is trying to steer a small business through a storm. But knowing that there are many others who have the same experience and have found innovative and effective solutions to get through the obstacles means small business owners can get help and find the collective motivation to keep going.

With March being Small Business Month, Brilliant-Online salutes every single small business out there who are doing their best to grow their business. We are proud of all products, services and values Made in Australia, and we are committed to helping businesses shine more brilliantly than ever.


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