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Luxury Glamping at Toms Creek Nature Domes

Read at your own risk. We are not responsible for those who become wildly attracted to this place and experience withdrawal symptoms when their holiday ends.

As parts of the world started opening up, people are looking for alternative ways to have a getaway that does not involve packed beaches or crowded city tours.

For those who are living in Australia and not affected by COVID restrictions, there are precious holiday gems waiting to be mined. And Toms Creek is one of them.

Toms Creek is a little haven tucked away waiting to be discovered, and those who have found it have a hard time tearing themselves away to return to their lives. You have been warned.

The Perfect Getaway

Being environmentally friendly and adopting sustainable practices is not something you can only do when you are at home. Even when you are on holiday, you can choose a different way to contribute to the planet's health and well-being.

And Toms Creek offers that beautiful possibility. You can get away from the madding crowd, plus you are being gentle with the environment. The Perfect Getaway does exist.

Toms Creek is tucked away in a private valley of 110 acres of lush rainforest, waterholes, streams and waterfalls. This little haven is surrounded by untouched native Australian eucalyptus bush in the foothills of the Yarra Mountains.

And, believe it or not, Toms Creek is just 45 minutes from Port Macquarie.

It is literally right on your doorstep. You can simply grab a bag, hop in your car and a couple of songs on the radio later, you are ready to recharge in nature. Holidaying cannot get any simpler or convenient than that.

Enjoy … Sustainably

Across the rolling greenery of Toms Creek, you can see unusual dome-shaped structures. These are the latest in geo-design. They are Toms Creek's unique self-catering accommodation. These Nature Domes are a way to experience sustainable living with all one's creature comforts provided for.

Here, Luxury meets Nature, and you are cosily cocooned in these beautiful domes, surrounded by nature.

When you are in a place as beautiful as Toms Creek, you want to discover as much as you can of outback Australia. Going off the grid is something to be experienced at least once in our lifetime. Here, there are no harsh city lights, no dusty air, no loud traffic noises that grate on your ears. Here, there is peace and quiet, the gentle breathing of the trees and plants, the light footsteps of little animals.

After a refreshing night's sleep in the dome, you can step out and meet your new neighbours - goats, lambs, chickens, alpacas, dogs, wallabies, echidnas, goannas, platypus, koalas, possums, bower birds, king parrots, kingfishers, honeyeaters, and majestic wedge-tail eagles. If some of these sound alien to you, you are in for a treat when you visit Toms Creek.

Here, you can cook by the fire, have a barbecue or have a dip in the lavish outdoor hot tubs. Or simply just lie outside in nature's embrace and marvel at her velvety blanket of stars.

We are living in an age of responsible travel and choosing a sustainable holiday is a way to still treat ourselves to a lovely getaway and not worry about the impact we have on the environment.

The beautiful minds at Toms Creek have curated a unique holiday experience - a luxury country getaway that you can personalise according to what you need.

Planning to propose? Perhaps someone wants a different sort of honeymoon. Or it could simply be a thirst for adventure. Others are tired of city life and feel the need to recharge in nature. Whatever the style, the common denominator is, you are doing it sustainably.

Deliciously Healthy

It is not just your senses that are soaking up the healthy atmosphere at Toms Creek. Your entire body is being treated to a beautiful holiday inside out.

At Toms Creek, fresh and local ingredients are on hand so you can create a delicious variety of meals. And easy recipes are also provided for you to experiment with. There is also the option of made-to-order lunch and dinner options if cooking is not on your agenda. Plant-based food and meals are the speciality at Toms Creek.

Even the most anti-vegetable child would keel over when they try a gorgeous garden kebab at Toms Creek made with fresh-from-the-garden selection of eggplant, mushrooms, red onions, cherry tomatoes and zucchini delightfully seasoned with rosemary and mustard and served with quinoa and dressing. Your tastebuds can also delight in artisan muesli, locally produced quince paste or chutney, fresh seasonal soups … all natural, clean, fresh and power-packed with healthy goodness.

An Electrifying Experience

What is special about the Nature Domes at Toms Creek is how they are actually offgrid. There are no connections to a central town power, so everything relies on independent power sources. There have been power shortages in the region due to being on the grid. At Toms Creek, the Nature Domes do not face this potential problem which can be detrimental to the business. They have their own power and it supplies their Wi-Fi, satellite etc. so it is like a little electric ecosystem they have going on there. They also tap into solar power to boost their supply.

That means Nature Dome has limited heating within its living quarters, so it can be chilling cold in winter. There's a heating blanket on the bed though.

Lee Forsyth is one of the owners there and as an electrical engineer, he was the one who built all the designs for the Nature Domes at Toms Creek. He has more than twenty years experience with solar panels and wind turbines in Scotland. He is trained in renewable energy in Australia as well as having worked internationally with big power stations.

Lee's other major contribution is to give people something that they would not expect from a holiday - a minimal footprint that does not harm nature. A lot of thought has gone into making sure everything they do at Toms Creek is done with a minimal impact on the environment.

Grow … Sustainably

There are plenty of exciting plans coming up at Toms Creek. It is not just about getting visitors to come here, stay in a dome, pet some cute goats and then go home.

The whole idea of sustainability includes taking away with you something enduring - a bit of curiosity, a slice of knowledge, a chunk of responsibility and empowerment and oodles of passion for taking care of our living, breathing planet.

There are workshops and tours at Toms Creek. Spend a weekend here and you can pick up skills like clay building, beekeeping or learning to work with seeds. This is a space where people can come and gain some sustainability tools and knowledge - how they can apply companion planting in their gardens, how to minimise bug invasions, how to get started on plant-based cooking etc.

The recent floods have caused the area to be shut off for six weeks, which has drastically affected the business. Being sustainable also means keeping the faith that even after a setback, all we need to do is take a deep breath, put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

We are quite ready for a weekend getaway to Toms Creek and pamper our senses with nature's rejuvenating touch. And if you do not hear from us for a while, you will know why! And you will know where to find us!

How to Get There

To gain access to Nature Domes, Toms Creek, you will drive along private and unsealed roads, which are well maintained and generally in good condition but, when a storm hits you may encounter small water crossings. The best way is from the Oxley Highway.

Once you reach the property you will need an AWD or 4x4 vehicle to gain access to your dome.

Nature Dome offers a pick-up and drop-off at the entrance gate or for a small fee from Wauchope and Port Macquarie or you can hire a helicopter to fly you there!


+61 401 730 268


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