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Love, Home, Work, Life - the essence of Crystal Tantricity

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

✦ An endless search to find a bangle for her partner Tony, one that would not break, started the Crystal Tantricity journey. Now there is a 24/7 bangle!

Business owner Julie King decided to work on an alternative, design and test, simple, elegant, stainless steel jewellery. She wanted jewellery that could be worn in all conditions without breaking at a price that everyone can afford.

She was sick of spending up to $100 for a bangle, only to have it come apart sometimes within days. After two years of sourcing quality materials and undertaking vigorous testing - mission accomplished!

Bangles, pendants, mobiles, tea light holders, earrings and more

After three years of sourcing quality materials and undertaking vigorous testing, the 24/7 bangle is designed to be left on and is an affordable way to wear crystals every day, keeping them close to the body to absorb their healing properties.

Julie enjoys wire wrapping crystals, designing as she goes and creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces including crystal crowns.

She told us, “The interchangeable pendant mala design is popular with people who are more informed about invoking the power of crystal by setting daily intentions through simple meditation. We also create mobiles made to hang in your home, crystal in resin bowls, tea light holders, crystal lamps, bookmarks, key-rings and crystal in resin jewellery including earrings.”

Crystal Tantricity also makes a luxury essential oil and crystal candle range. Displayed in recycled vintage glass bowls and dishes of all sizes with burn times from 6-200hrs, including custom made large centrepiece candles for celebrations, bridal tables and dinner parties.

Inspiration from an addiction of crystals

Julie has always loved crystals and collected them in one way or another her whole life. Intuitively, she regularly carried a tumbled stone in her jeans pocket back in the 80’s long before this practice became popular.

”Collecting crystals is most definitely addictive," Julie confesses. "There is such a variety of amazing crystals available of all sizes, colours and textures, all with unique properties. I just love it when I discover a new crystal to add to my collection or create a piece of jewellery with a crystal combination I have never made before.”

Creating custom pieces brings her joy

Julie told us that she has a couple of wonderful patrons who are serious crystal enthusiasts who regularly come up with wonderful new crystal ideas and she’s always happy to have a go!

She also loves it when they get a request for a particular type of crystal with a healthy spend budget. All crystals are ethically sourced, and she has established trusting relationships with sellers from all over the world and enjoys sharing the love.

Crystals help people in their daily lives

Julie genuinely believes in the powers of crystals, through personal experience and her shared experiences from others.

She told us, “This week I was contacted by a lady on the Far North Coast who has been feeling down following the recent floods. The healing crystals I suggested for her that can assist with depression and anxiety were smoky quartz, citrine, clear quartz, tiger eye, carnelian, sunstone and rose quartz.”

On choosing rose quartz and sending her wrist measurement, Julie made her a 24/7 bangle. Designed to be left on, the marine grade stainless steel allows the properties of the crystals to be cleansed every day in the shower. Julie added, “ We package our items with care, and I always add a tumbled stone as a little unconditional gift to spread some crystal joy.”

Crystal Tantricity have a mantra - Love, Home, Work, Life

They fill their world with love and encourage family, friends, and new customers to do the same by embracing the healing, spiritual, protective, and manifesting powers of crystals.

Further to this Julie told us, “There are people out there who are sceptical about the power of crystals, and to them I say next time you are feeling sad, or angry, or stressed, make friends with a crystal!”

New Hubstar at Wauchope Creative Hub

Word of mouth led Julie to Wauchope Creative Hub. “My beautiful neighbour popped in to see me late last year very excited to have discovered the Wauchope Creative Hub," she told us. "On her advice, I popped in and fell instantly in love with the feeling of community and creative energy within the space. After meeting with Stu and Christine to discuss my creations, I was delighted when they invited me to join the team of Hubstars.”

Julie loves spending time at the Hub and is very happy to work there when needed. Her biggest problem is buying beautiful handmade items from other Hubstars when she’s there!



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