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Local Port Macquarie-Hastings Politics

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

✦ With the Local Government Elections fast approaching some would say so what! Those elected don’t listen to the community anyway. We beg to differ.

Mayor Peta Pinson's responses to a concerned citizen, Russell Delforce

Brilliant-online has been given permission to publish the following email correspondence from a concerned community member, Russell Delforce and current Port Macquarie Hastings Mayor Peta Pinson.

Port Macquarie-Hastings. Photographer: Alex McNaught
Port Macquarie-Hastings. Photographer: Alex McNaught

Take from it what you will

#. Original email from Russell Delforce with Mayor Pinson’s responses on the 22nd October, 2021 in red. N.B. email addresses have been omitted for privacy reasons.

From: Russell Delforce

Sent: Wednesday, 20 October 2021 8:59 AM

To: Mayor Peta Pinson

Subject: Election topics

Hi Peta, with the upcoming local government election coming up I would like to share some concerns with you.

1. I was finally prompted to send this email when my wife had a medical appointment over at Innes this morning and with all the traffic problems now in Port on Ocean Drive and the Oxley (to be sure) she left Lighthouse at 7.45am for an 8.30am appointment. Turns out she got there no problems this morning and cooled her heels for 30 minutes. How crazy that we now have to think like this in Port Paradise.

Why have the roads and traffic been so ignored by this council? Why have we now all having to think about when we move around in Port to miss these Sydney type delays ? Have you been out to see the disaster the roundabout at the hospital is at peak times? It must be impossible for emergency vehicles trying to get say to the hospital.

[Mayor Peta Pinson] Ocean Drive is due to be duplicated from Mathew Flinders Drive to Greenmeadows. Council resolved to borrow 30 million dollars to add to the State Government investment of 60 million dollars. Ocean Drive was not a priority of Council before I entered into Council. I brought it to the table and it was a huge priority for the State Member, Leslie Williams, plans are now well underway to deliver this project. As for the Oxley Highway, I do not wish to appear to be passing the buck but this road is State owned and their responsibility. Engagement has taken place by Transport for NSW about a solution to this massive gridlock problem.

2. With all this uncontrolled development in and around Port why is nothing being done to get the infrastructure to support it like roads, dam capacity etc. You can bet that next time we have a drought our water restrictions are going to be horrific with all these extra people using water. Every time we drive down to Laurieton and see all those eye sores and the trouble we will have from all those extra demands on infrastructure I get angry about the lack of council forethought. Traffic on Ocean Drive, we ain't seen nothing yet !

[Mayor Peta Pinson] Agree, we have not been visionary in our future direction. We need a Council that will focus on ensuring our region is growing responsibly and that we have a brave Council that pushes back on poor development proposals.

Past Councils including this one have not prioritised delivering the infrastructure at the time of development. You may ask what is my responsibility in this situation over the past 4 years, I have not had the numbers in Council to support me in my desire to support the community vision. Cr Griffiths is the only Councillor who has been of any support to me. I must also say that the State Government is the lead Government when it comes to planning and development and passes legislation to allow developers to clear land for housing. I get angry on past Council forethought also.

3. Why are our roads in such terrible condition? Apart from potholes everywhere have you driven the road to the airport or out to Settlement Point. They are goat tracks !

[Mayor Peta Pinson] Years of underinvestment

Why with something like $340,000,000 in the bank are we not getting all these things fixed ? Can't be the interest council receives !

[Mayor Peta Pinson] The Councillors with the numbers have not prioritised this. Many of these Councillors have been in their position for 9 years.

We moved up here from Sydney 20 years ago and I remember driving around with a real estate person prior to buying who explained that land was scarce in Port BECAUSE THE COUNCIL WOULD NOT RELEASE NEW LAND TILL INFRASTRUCTURE WAS UP TO THE MARK.

What a great idea. I remember being so impressed after living with a Sydney council how things up here just happened before whatever became a problem. The now much overloaded Ocean Drive going through was an example of happening at the then time it was needed and when now will something be done about Ocean Drive. It seems that just making extra lanes will not help much with all that traffic coming up from south all of which will be soon much worse when all those new horrible developments are up and running.

Didn't the State Government kick in money for this - What happened to that money ?

[Mayor Peta Pinson] The State Government pledged 60 million dollars and Council resolved to borrow 30 million dollars to fund the project which is in preparation to begin in early 2022.

All in all I have to say we are extremely disappointed in this current council and this is a common theme amongst those we know.

[Mayor Peta Pinson] I share your views and am restanding and asking for a new Council team to drive community views and values.

Please, I do not mean to offend but I am one of those people who thinks that if I don't try definitely nothing will be done rather than complaining to everyone but not doing anything because they think it a waste of time and nobody will listen. This is a common thing nowadays.

[Mayor Peta Pinson] I assure you I have been listening and understand your frustration.

I hope you can find time to reply.

[Mayor Peta Pinson] Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback it is much appreciated.



Responses from Russell Delforce and Mayor Peta Pinson with reference to the above

From: Russell Delforce

Sent: Friday, 22 October 2021 2:09 PM

To: Mayor Peta Pinson

Subject: Re[2]: Election topics

Thanks your excellent reply Peta and yes I suspected most of this.

I imagine you will give us all a list of who you would like to be in council and we can get rid of those who are not doing the best for Port.

Re the State Government, can we get Leslie on side to try and stop them approving these horrible crazy developments. I imagine the two of you have tried but with your permission I will take it up with her as well. She does a great job generally and I think I can imagine she might be a little frustrated too.

Let's get rid of those road block councillors. I will do my best with friends to get that job done. What happened to all the councillors from the Rob Drew era ? They all knew how to make things work. Pity you couldn't get some of them.



From: Mayor Peta Pinson

Date: 23/10/21 7:18 am (GMT+10:00)

To: Russell Delforce

Subject: RE: Re[2]: Election topics

Thanks Russell and really appreciate your support. Team Pinson has a plan to bring back the days of common sense decision making and focussing on the community projects that will make a difference to all of our lives. Yes please reach out to Leslie and share your views and frustrations.

Plenty of energy in the tank to keep fighting for the issues that really matter.

Have a great weekend!

Peta Pinson


From: russ

Sent: Saturday, 23 October 2021 9:23 AM

To: Mayor Peta Pinson

Subject: RE: Re[2]: Election topics

No worries Peta but one more question and will then leave you alone. Question I know I will be asked is why with all that money in bank does council need to borrow 30 million for Ocean Drive ?

Good luck


From: Mayor Peta Pinson

Date: 26/10/21 12:54 pm (GMT+10:00)

To: russ

Subject: RE: Re[2]: Election topics

Thanks Russell, because the money has been derived from developer contributions and must be allocated to infrastructure delivery in the vicinity of where the development occurred.

The Ocean Drive project does not qualify for that.

Take care for now J

Peta Pinson


Russell believes it is essential that we have a Mayor with honesty and courage to make things right

"As a result of Peta Pinson's excellent response to my emails, I will now be voting for her and her group, along with many others who agree with me. From things I have heard recently, the points covered by her were proven correct and following revelations from ABC 4 Corners program, it is essential that we have a Mayor with honesty and courage to make things right. It seems that this may be a very big job and hopefully Peta can achieve this for us all." - Russell Delforce

Meet Team Pinson

Brilliant-Online interviewed the candidates on 15th May.

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