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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

✦ The countdown has begun to the local Government Election on December 4.

We spoke with Mayoral Candidate Nik James Lipovac to get his take on his team, Hastings First and the Community responses so far.

Hastings First is a group ticket, led by local radio personality Nik James Lipovac (Niko), who is contesting the top job of Mayor. He is backed up by Kerry Fox, Linda Lenord, Michael Clarke and Justin Hardie.

Hastings First led by local radio personality Nik James Lipovac (Niko), who is contesting for Mayor. Kerry Fox, Linda Lenord, Michael Clarke and Justin Hardie, featured on Brilliant-Online

When asked how the campaign been going Nik told us,

“It's been an amazing rollercoaster ride so far but incredibly worthwhile to meet so many passionate community members and groups over the past couple of months.

We're delighted to have been drawn out as GROUP B on the Ballot Paper so all we're asking is for those who are looking for a genuine change amongst their Council representatives who will focus on unity, transparency and getting things done, then support the "Hastings First" Team by Voting 1 ABOVE THE LINE. Our combined skills and experience in Business, Education, Finance, Infrastructure and work in the Community through Volunteering is second to none.

Some key issues you have been made aware of by the community? You have attended many community meetings, what have you learned from this?

Not surprisingly, the issues and concerns of residents in this incredibly diverse Local Government Area varies from town to town. What's important and needs attention in Laurieton is different to what's required in Kew, Wauchope, Telegraph Point, Northside, the Port CBD, Greenmeadows, Innes Lake, Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills. To summarize, locals are desperate to see action being taken and results being achieved. Better planning and infrastructure, improvements to roads, footpaths and sporting facilities, sustainable development, supporting local business, protection of the environment and working towards providing affordable housing.

What others say

I have known Nik Lipovac for many years. Niko’s commitment to the Hastings and its people is always at the forefront of his words and actions. He is honest, compassionate and always willing to lend a hand. I believe Niko is an outstanding Mayoral candidate who, alongside a proactive and cohesive team of counsellors, has the talent, commitment and capacity to listen and act for everyone in the Hastings. - Caleb Rose, Chief Executive Officer, YP SPACE Mid North Coast

With the election fast approaching Nik has this message for the community -

“Make sure you select the candidates who will do what's best for the community and not just what is best for themselves and their personal agendas. Select the People who put Hastings First.

Support those you know and trust in conjunction with their skills, experience and community involvement and not just vote for those who have the most signs and make the most noise.

If you're not happy with how Council has operated over the past term or over the past 2 decades then make the change. Vote 1 NIK LIPOVAC for MAYOR and Vote 1 Above the Line for "GROUP B" - LIPOVAC, FOX, LENORD, CLARKE and HARDIE."

The candidates are:


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