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Liz Jarvis of Better Business Decisions is a trailblazer in Financial Rebellion

Updated: Mar 24

✦ Financial speak is made highly accessible in Liz Jarvis' new book Financial Rebellion to help dissolve business owners' anxiety about numbers.

What is new for you in 2024?

2024 will be the year I start to help millions of business owners, not just my individual clients, to Find and Flex their Financial Power! Although I am an accountant, I make people comfortable with financial stuff!

I truly believe it is my purpose to dissolve that horrible anxiety that most business owners feel around the financial stuff. When I say Business Owners I mean all of them - the artists, musicians, spiritual workers, tradies, doctors, lawyers, influencers, NDIS supporters…. The list of types of business owners is never-ending. There are over two million business owners in Australia alone.

The way I help Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to get comfortable with their financial information, and use it to propel them towards their life goals, is unique and life-changing for my clients.

I am very proud of the Financial Mentoring magic I have developed since I exited the world of public practice accounting but there are not enough hours in the day to help all of those struggling with the “Financial Anxiety” and disconnection from financial information that has become the norm for business owners today. 

I had to find a way to support, guide and educate more Business Owners - the book journey has helped me frame my methods and support into something any business owner can follow and be empowered by. 

It has also opened the door to creating an online community where business owners can support one another and have access to my wisdom which helps them reach their dreams through making better profits, paying less taxes and being more efficient.

What is your book about?

Financial Rebellion explores why business owners have so much trouble and anxiety using their financial information and why it is not their fault. 

What I’ve discovered is that the Financial Power of the average Business Owner has been eroded this century by a variety of factors.  Accountants and the “Tax Man” still get what they need but too often the business owner is left in the dark unable to make good Financially Informed business decisions.

Using the Folklore of Robin Hood as a backdrop, the book goes further to encourage the reader to rebel against that status quo and Reclaim the Financial Power that is rightfully theirs. I equip them to fight - with Strategy, five special Arrows and reframed Bows and their very important Steed!  

I gradually massaged the ideas around that image and rediscovered that In business your trusty steed is actually your accounting systems and it magically transforms all your transactions onto a story.

In fact, Accounting is not about Maths - It’s story telling!

What excites me even more is that once the business owner is open to that, their anxiety melts away and they can shape the words in their Business Story to be meaningful to them. Soon they will be comfortably ”working with their business” - listening to the story it wants to tell them, and making better informed decisions. Those decisions will help them to grow their profit, save tax and build financial freedom.

Where do we buy your book from?

My book will be available on Amazon in May. Help me to reach bestseller by purchasing the Kindle version for the special price of 99c when we launch it on Saturday May 4th!

Liz Jarvis, Better Business Decisions, Financial Rebellion | Brilliant Online Australia UK Singapore | Brilliant Online

Liz Jarvis | Better Business Decisions | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

About Liz Jarvis

Liz Jarvis has been a Chartered Accountant since 1991 and has become increasingly disappointed by the siloing of her profession.

Recognising that “Accounting is Broken” and watching that play out into the financial disengagement of business owners and entrepreneurs in the 21st century spurred her into a crusade to work out how this came to be and how to fix it!

Her vigorous yet very human campaign to encourage business owners to engage with their numbers is what led to the approach in this book. Her unique Financial Mentoring Practice has already changed hundreds of lives.

Contact Liz Jarvis

a/ 1/20 Isabella Street, Wingham NSW 2429

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