Is your business ‘making it rain’ and yet you’re wondering why you’re still bone dry?

Updated: Jun 17

Raining, but your business dry?

After years of hustling, late nights, challenges and innovation, many business owners find themselves in the situation where their enterprise looks profitable, and yet doesn’t feel as financially successful as it should.

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We can all admit to not paying ourselves enough when we reach this point, relegating ourselves to a minimum wage bracket or ‘what’s left over’ even though we occupy the CEO position in our own business.

So how do we begin the detective work to find where all our profits are hiding, so we can start to see move ‘leftovers’ at the end of every month? Or even better, give ourselves a well-earned pay rise?

Check the facts on your costs

When we’re caught up in the daily doing of our businesses, we can sometimes miss small details that can have a big impact on our bottom line. So now might be a great time to review your figures on what it takes to do your ‘thang’ in business, right from the start, and how they play into your final profit margin:

  • Has the price of your base materials increased recently?

  • Has the cost of freight gone up?

  • Are you missing a tax or fee along the way that should really be attributed to being a cost of production?

  • Have you invested in new software, hardware or services that should really be factored into your cost of goods?

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Check every small detail

You might be surprised at how long it’s been since you reviewed this aspect of your numbers, particularly if you’ve just reached the other side of a surge in growth. This likely saw you bring on team members, upgrade your website, maybe put another vehicle on the road or level-up your tech.

All of these are costs in the doing of business, so make sure your expenses and margins on your finished product are accurate.

Have you outgrown your current levels of use?

Many of the software and services we use in business today have tiered pricing structures, ones that reward bigger players with lower per unit rates. This could be anything from your accounting software, inventory, shipping, communications and marketing platforms.

Spend some time - or perhaps get some key team members to give you some feedback - on your current use of these products and programs versus their current pricing offerings. These providers will offer different packages and more competitive pricing as time goes on and more competitors enter their markets. So reviewing the companies you’re investing in to ensure you’re getting maximum value can be another great place to dig for untapped profits.

Are factory settings giving you an unclear snapshot of your business?

This is one of my favourite tech / financial cross-over topics, and my go-to way to give new clients a massive download of clarity.

When it comes to the software we use to track and report on our numbers - think MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks - these often come with a series of default categories we can sort our incomings and outgoings into. This is so they can appeal to as broad a market as possible, but the trade off is that these categories (your ‘Chart of Accounts’ in fancy pants lingo) won’t often accurately reflect your business right out of the box.