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Gaye White

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

✦ Same Same Not Different. Celebrating LGBT History Month.

Let’s Be Direct About This Subject. As a member of the LGBT community, how are you any different?

“Same same, not different.” I believe in recognising everybody’s uniqueness as part of the oneness of humanity. In a world where so much can divide, I look for the similarities that connect us . What I see within others must be within me. Love does not discriminate, love is love.

Gaye White with partner Francessca, featured on Brilliant-Online
Gaye White (right) with partner Francessca

What is life like being different?

I experience being same-sex attracted as my natural expression of self so the ‘difference’ is assumed by the view lenses of others.

You ask about growing up, well exploring your sexuality as a teenager comes with its own set of growing pains. With extra layers of judgement and seeking approval of self and from family, many times it was challenging to navigate. Coming out was perhaps my point of difference, blessed to be supported by friends and mentors.

I feel so very fortunate to live and work in a country where same-sex couples have marriage equality and human rights to be true to themselves without discrimination regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. Minorities in all cultures still have a long way to go and we all carry stories as a collective when there is still a bridge to gap to defend love.

How can the wider community embrace LGBT?

Conversations, communication is the key. Total acceptance of others in the way they experience life as we all take different paths to the same destination. Asking questions and listening to people’s journeys . “Come from a place of love” my girlfriend always says. I say embrace empathy, kindness is a feel-good two-way connection.

What is your business about?

✦ Gaye’s Artisan Bar + Food Botanicals “Sun Soaked Citrus”

Infinity Co. Evolve is a trio of passions: Food + Yoga + Fitness. We cater for Event Food mainly boutique weddings and celebrations @ Out There Escapes along with regular Sunday Yoga.

Another branch to the business is Beechwood Botanicals encompassing the “Sun Soaked Citrus” range we are highlighting here. The citrus fruit is hand harvested locally in Beechwood, sliced into wheels and dehydrated for up to 24 hours. Oranges, lemons, Tahitian limes, blood oranges, grapefruit, lemonades and kumquats, The Citrus Allsorts! They can be used to infuse a cocktail, mocktail, tea or complement a cake or dessert. Also I love to dip the orange halves in dark chocolate. To really dress up your drinks try glass rimming with the range of Tahitian Lime Salts or with Coconut Sugar also available. The dehydrated citrus is ground into a dust and mixed with salt or coconut sugar to make this mix also can be used in drinks and to enhance the flavour in cooking.

Also loving the lemon myrtle line evolving - the 100% pure dust which is magic in literally everything. A herbal tisane (tea) has so many superfood health benefits and Lemon Myrtle Syrup is being crafted at the moment. As the citrus season comes to an end, I’m looking forward to the sun soaking a summer tropical mix of fruits. Dehydrating is a sustainable way to get longevity out of gifts from nature and 100% natural.

Where to buy your products?

The range is at The Wauchope Creative Hub, 9 Cameron St.

Businesses, bars or food outlets interested in decorating drinks or garnishing the plate can request a product catalogue and love to gift a sample to try.

Happy to post any orders to the public too.

Call, text or email Gaye:

0419 0419 19


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