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Sancrox Real Estate Turning Property Dreams into Reality

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

✦ Welcome to Sancrox Real Estate, 331 Rawdon Island Road, Sancrox, NSW 2446

Almost 598,000 residential properties were sold in the year to August, which is the highest number of annual sales since 2004, according to CoreLogic. The August result was 42% higher than the year before and 24% higher than the 20-year average.

WOW, perhaps it is time to cash up. New listings are most welcomed by Chris and Tanya Gill of Sancrox Real Estate. Let's learn about what they do.

Chris and Tanya Gill are familiar faces on the Mid North Coast of NSW. This husband-and-wife team were born and bred there and have been Wauchope business owners for many years. They have recently returned to doing what they love...

  • For Buyers and Investors - finding clients the right property that caters to what they need and want and is fitting for their present lifestyle and which offers possibilities for their future.

  • For Sellers - getting the best value from properties that owners want to sell

They are excited about their new business, with a new name and new approach to real estate. Being able to tell their clients,

Welcome to Sancrox Real Estate, 331 Rawdon Island Road, Sancrox, NSW 2446!

is something they have been waiting to do and they are really pleased with their new central location. You cannot miss them if you are driving along Sancrox Road - their cheerful big red door of their site office is very eye-catching. As they are sign-writers as well, their signage is highly visible, and as you approach the Rawdon Island bridge, you will spot them as the last home before hitting the bridge.

Chris and Tanya have adopted a more casual approach this time with their Hampton designed office. It is located at their home between Port Macquarie and Wauchope and conveniently nestled in area 13 of the new growth areas such as Sovereign Hills / King Creek / Sancrox and Rawdon Island blue chip districts.

The Craft of Selling Houses

Real Estate is not just about acquiring a bunch of random houses and then selling them to whoever needs a place to live. Selling houses and pairing up buyers and sellers is a craft. Tanya and Chris have been successful in what they do because of these very factors.

1. Pride in their profession

Tanya and Chris are well-respected in the real estate industry and over the years they have garnered a substantial list of qualified buyers and prospective vendors. One reason for their success is how they pride themselves on giving excellent service, being open in sharing their knowledge and experience in the real estate market on the Mid North Coast.

2. Being local is an asset

Being born and bred in the area gives Tanya and Chris the advantage of knowing the region really well. Being locals is a great asset that they want to keep. They are focusing specifically on the local area, preferring not to take on properties that are too far away which they are unfamiliar with and may be more challenging to sell.

3. Passion for their trade

Tanya and Chris share an absolute passion for helping clients reach the best potential of their properties. They are increasing their buyers list and helping their sellers sell in record time.

Marketing and selling houses is a craft they have been fine-tuning for many years. They first operated a sign business for more than 20 years, and then in 2008 they started an agency, Bago Real Estate in Wauchope which they ran for 12-and-a-half years. They took a break three years ago to finish building their family home at Sancrox. Now they are ready to connect with the market again and are eager to start with renewed energy.

They formed Sancrox Real Estate to feed their passion for real estate and to share their local knowledge and love for the area. Many believe the ideal lifestyle is found in the Hastings Valley.

Sancrox Real Estate's vision is to be a boutique agency with six to eight properties on the books at any one time with buyers waiting from the bush to the beach.

4. Trust and Integrity

Tanya and Chris built their business on a firm foundation of trust with great attention to detail and integrity is high on the agenda for both of them. As long-time locals, they feel the commitment and responsibility to their community to do more than just a good job. They want to give their very best and that is how they have earned the respect in their field over the years. Doing the right thing by their vendors and buyers is paramount to them.

To shine in what they do, Tanya and Chris bring in their extensive experience as well as a local knowledge of who owns what and where. It certainly also helps that they are friendly and approachable and offer a no pressure sales listing and selling environment. There is clear communication and transparency between them and their clients. Buying and selling something as huge as a property requires trust above all else, and Tanya and Chris understand where their clients are coming from and what their concerns and needs are.

Teamwork is everything

Some may question how well a husband-and-wife business could work. It is not easy to live and work together 24/7. For Chris and Tanya, their partnership has worked out beautifully for them in more ways than one.

Communication is key. They are on the same page when it comes to their values and styles of working. When you are so in sync with someone you can virtually read the other's mind, that is when you have a partnership that really works.

For Tanya, she loves her part in the team. She did not enjoy being desk-bound swamped under a mountain of paperwork. Now she delights in being fully hands on, showing and selling properties. Both Chris and Tanya are involved in talking to clients about their wants, needs and expectations.

Whether it is speaking to a vendor or a buyer, Chris and Tanya love cracking their heads and putting together the best deal possible for everyone. They listen to what their clients have to share and also offer suggestions about marketing and strategies. A lot of thought goes into putting up a property for sale and getting the best price for clients in a buoyant market. What Chris and Tanya love about their work is they are never bored. As each property is unique and comes with its inherent set of characteristics, the marketing strategies have to be customised, both to suit the property itself and also to cater to the client's expectations.

Sourcing the best lifestyle properties for clients

Tanya and Chris specialise in lifestyle properties, both residential and rural. Sometimes clients are looking for something that they do not have on their books, and Tanya and Chris will be on a mission to source the perfect home or property for them.

Properties recently sold by Sancrox Real Estate

With restrictions on overseas travels due to the pandemic, many people are looking for a relatively safe investment for their money. This has led to an increase in interest in investment properties.

Tanya and Chris have been hard at work, spending their time getting to know builders, developers and homeowners in and around Sovereign Hills. They know that familiarity with the area will be to their advantage and it is clear the area is becoming a hotspot for investors who are on the lookout for a small townhouse or a property in Sovereign Hills that they can rent out with a view to their future.

Sancrox Real Estate has a comprehensive list of qualified buyers with big budgets now. Most are Sydney buyers. These are semi-professionals who are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, away from suburbia. Some are already living and working in Port Macquarie and the surrounding areas. The most highly sought-after properties are semi-rural, on a couple of acres, 3 to 4 bedrooms with a pool. Locations like Sancrox, Bushland Drive, King Creek and Area 13 at Sovereign Hills are proving to be particularly appealing.

Sancrox Real Estate has up to 70 buyers qualified and ready to buy properties at the moment. This is a great achievement for a Real Estate business that has only been open two months. Chris and Tanya have certainly made their own right choices in returning to fuel their passion in real estate.

Chris and Tanya are here to help turn a house or a property into a home. Every house or property they succeed in pairing up is a beautiful story waiting to happen.

They are easily found via their Facebook page, Instagram or their listings throughout and also


t/ 0438 866 000


t/ 0437 860 554

a/ 331 Rawdon Island Road, Sancrox NSW 2446


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