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Fab 5 creative experts

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

✦ There is always something different at Wauchope Creative Hub, home to over 25 local artisans under one roof.

This month we feature the Fabulous 5 at Wauchope Creative HuB: Francessca, Chris, Kim, Janelle and Olivia - all different and all fabulous!

* Francessca O’Donnell - expert mosaic artist

Francessca is addicted to mosaic! Her work covers mosaics in both 2D and 3D forms, jewellery, painting, etchings and sculpture. She loves to explore and experiment, try new materials, new ideas and play with different materials, colours and textures.

Her inspiration for designs is largely from nature, exploring shapes and forms that intertwine and flow with colour the driving force. Other themes she has explored are the curves of the human form and ancient symbols and shapes from Chinese, Maori, Mexican and Mayan mythology and the earth and its many layers.

Exploring various materials has added texture and a certain tactile quality to many of the pieces that draws people in to want to touch and explore the surfaces. The use of both flat and textured finishes and use of glass and reflective tiles also add a fascinating new dimension with the play of light and shadow. Francessca has also worked with pebbles, sea glass, wood and driftwood.

In her rustic studio on the edge of the small country town of Beechwood, Francessca shares her creative talent teaching the art of mosaic to many. Creating visual art and mosaics makes her heart sing - she truly loves it!

* Chris Pearce - expert Fibre Artist

Chris Pearce as featured in Brilliant-Online magazine
Chris Pearce

Chris has been working with textiles her whole life, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother who both loved knitting, felting, crochet and sewing. She makes OOAK (one of a kind) felted creations and designs her own knitted and crocheted apparel, using mostly natural fibres, to cater for newborns up to adult with styles to suit everyone.

Chris has won many awards at our Wauchope Show, as well as at Comboyne show where she was awarded the Australian Wool Board award in 2019.

Chris loves working with natural fibres; fleece from all breeds of sheep (but especially our Australian Merino), silk, bamboo, alpaca. She has even included fibre from a Labradoodle in a special made to order item where a customer wanted some of her beloved dog's coat incorporated into the felt piece.

Sharing the skill of felting is something Chris is passionate about. Seeing the pleasure on the face of a student when their article comes to life from a handful of sheep's fleece is very rewarding! Felting is hard physical work and takes considerable hours to achieve a finished product but the results are very satisfying. Interested students can see when classes at Wauchope Creative Hub are available through Eventbrite website.

* Kim Last - expert Macrame Artist

Kim Last - expert Macrame Artist as featured in Brilliant-Online
Kim Last - expert Macrame Artist

Kim is a graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience. Creativity feeds her soul, and she enjoys expressing herself through many mediums. Kim discovered macrame when she wanted to make a piece for her own home and she fell in love with this beautiful art form.

She now draws on her design knowledge to create an array of macrame pieces and prides herself in producing unique, quality items. Kim likes to share her skills and knowledge with others, and has a range of tutorials available to help others learn the beautiful art of macrame.

You can find Kim’s designs on Etsy at

Follow Kim on Instagram @kilacreate

* Janelle Thomas - expert quilter

Janelle Thomas - expert quilter as featured in Brilliant-Online magazine
Janelle Thomas with her quilt

Janelle has been quilting for over 21 years and, as a member of Wauchope Patchwork Quilters, shares that love and her years of skill and experience with old and new members.

Janelle says she loves all aspects of quilting, adding that "there are no limits to what you can make" from placemats, runners, bags, notebook covers to large traditional bed quilts; the fabrics, colours and design options are endless!

Janelle won Viewers Choice 2011 at Wauchope Patchwork Quilt show, and on many occasions took out 1st and 2nd places at the Wauchope Show.

She has spent hours making quilts donated to Palliative Care, Bundaleer Nursing Home, Wauchope RSL Sub-branch, Veterans and Salam Children's Home in Bali, donated placemats at Christmas time to Meals on Wheels, the Salvation Army, Hastings Court… the list goes on as she is very generous with her time and beautiful creations.

Janelle has a colourful range of quilted items for sale at Wauchope Creative Hub and you might even catch her in The Hub for a chat - she loves to talk about everything quilting!

Wauchope Patchwork & Quilters Inc. are having a quilt show 9 to 11 September 2022 Plus a Raffle, tickets available at the Quilt Show also Thursdays at the IGA in Hastings Street Wauchope.

* Olivia Allen - expert resin artist

Olivia Allen - expert resin artist as featured in Brilliant-Online magazine

Olivia is the designer and creator of Liv By The Sea, a line of individually handcrafted, beach themed resin products.

She has a love of creativity in all forms and, combining this creative side with her love for our beautiful beaches, has created "Liv By The Sea". Her range is designed to capture the beauty of the Port Macquarie shorelines.

She spends any spare time she has wandering the local coastline, absorbing and being in awe of the stunning colours in the water, the textures in the sand and rocks, the ebb and flow of the rockpools along with the myriad of treasures and interesting creatures to be seen.

Olivia’s unique homewares create a talking point and bring the sense of calm that comes from a visit to the beach into your home or office.

She told us, “It is my hope that my products will allow customers a moment of mindfulness and trigger happy memories of being relaxed, having fun and being in nature.”

The beach is Olivia’s go to for relaxation and inspiration. She has the mantra that no matter where you are from, it is nice to have a piece of the beach in your home.

Olivia Allen's works are On display at Wauchope Creative Hub as featured in Brilliant Online magazine
On display at Wauchope Creative Hub


Call into Wauchope Creative Hub, Unit 1/87 High Street, Wauchope, open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm.

Waauchope Creative Hub as featured in Brilliant-Online magazine


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