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“Liv By The Sea”: A brand new addition to Wauchope Creative Hub

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

✦ Meet Olivia Allen - an artist creating coastal inspired homewares

About Olivia

Olivia is the designer and creator of Liv By The Sea, a line of individually handcrafted, beach themed resin products.

Having lived in the Port Macquarie/Hastings area all of her life she has a love of creativity in all forms. She combines this creative side with her love for our beautiful beaches. This is what has inspired "Liv By The Sea".

She spends any spare time she has wandering the local coastline, absorbing and being in awe of the stunning colours in the water, the textures in the sand and rocks, the ebb and flow of the rockpools along with the myriad of treasures and interesting creatures to be seen.

Predominately a self-taught artist, taking in knowledge from classes and work colleagues over the years, her range is designed to capture the beauty of the Port Macquarie shorelines.

Now on Display at Wauchope Creative Hub

Olivia’s unique homewares create a talking point and bring the sense of calm that comes from a visit to the beach into your home or office.

She told us, “It is my hope that my products will allow customers a moment of mindfulness and trigger happy memories of being relaxed, having fun and being in nature.”

Gorgeous resin infilled homewares, Wauchope Creative Hub as featured on Brilliant-Online
Gorgeous resin infilled homewares

The beach is Olivia’s go to for relaxation and inspiration. She has the mantra that no matter where you are from, it is nice to have a piece of the beach in your home.

Olivia Allen's works are On display at Wauchope Creative Hub
On display at Wauchope Creative Hub


Call into Wauchope Creative Hub, Unit 1/87 High Street, Wauchope, open Monday thru to Saturday 10am to 4pm.


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