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Robin Wilson, Editor-at-large

Dive in for a New Information Experience

A very warm welcome to this latest edition of Brilliant magazine and please feel free to dive right into the depths of our digital multi-media information experience.

We’ve devised the Brilliant format as a sparkling, 360 degrees response to the limitations of the traditional printed word.

This one-dimensional style can only tell so much and - as down through the preceding centuries - it relies on readers’ imaginations to put flesh on the bare bones of a story and create the full picture.

So we decided to bring things bang up-to-date with a new online magazine chock-full of vivid digital elaborations of both its editorial and advertising.

Digital Rabbit Holes

Brilliant comes fully-loaded with a technological armoury of tools for you to build fascinating multi-dimensional images of a story or advert with extra information, images and sounds.

You can veer off down digital rabbit holes of embedded websites, videos, podcasts and other multi-media avenues, building layers of colour and character.

This brings Brilliant alive with fresh perspectives, painting richness and complexity for a fulfilling read.

What’s waiting to be experienced this month?

Those of us still reeling from adjusting to the effects of pandemic lockdowns are probably casting their thoughts to the prospect of travel to get away from it all.

We examine some possible aspects of future post-COVID air travel and also look at the growing trend of downsizing with rural breaks in tiny houses available in scenic locations across Australia.

The eco-credentials of these tiny houses meshes in with this Brilliant edition’s theme of sustainability that pops up in other editorials, including an outline of how an award-winning child care service integrates its principles of sustainability and community relations into nurturing development of young minds.

Brilliant’s digital character means we’re never very far away from aspects of technology that enhance our lifestyles. How about using a digital innovation to virtually move hi-fi speakers around a room to get the best sound out of them? We show how this can be done with technology from a leading hi-fi company.

And we see how one of the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers is making Singapore a global hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI), using the city-state as a launch pad to move to digital transformation.

Traditional Values

On the other hand, we don’t stint on celebrating age-old crafts that continue to enrich our lives by fashioning traditional objects of beauty and function. The workshop at a long-standing furniture business run by two brothers does just that - we look at their dedication to producing quality home furnishings that stand the test of time.

Back in the great outdoors – or more accurately, in the sea – there’s a story about the number of historic shipwrecks that lie on the seabed around beautiful Fraser Island, highlighted by the recent chance discovery of one rarely-seen example that was exposed to view by shifting tides and sands.

That’s obviously an apt story to dive into – but dive right into all the others and the advertisements as well for the full experience. Discover Brilliant online.

Brilliant-Online Magazine, February 2021 Issue, EXPLORE BRILLIANT

Let us know if you have a story to tell:

Robin Wilson



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