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Venture Capital Exchange Drives Investments with AI

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Venturing into the Marketplace with VCEX

AI and technology have drilled their way into investments. Today Noel Ong from Samso is having a little break from exploring the deepest mines of Planet Earth to take us beyond the boundaries of cyberspace to see what it has to offer.

Venture Capital Exchange (VCEX) is a platform that uses technology to simplify and reduce costs in transactions and compliance. Quite a dream come true - being able to reduce compliance costs while still maintaining complete compliance with ASIC.

David Pillinger, Managing Director of VCEX talks to Noel about creating an efficient marketplace for the whole Equity Capital sector. Mr. Pillinger's career started very early. He was already a company director at the incredibly young age of 21. Self-funded and grown from hard graft, he knows all aspects of a vertically integrated business structure. His passion, experience and skills have even led him to design and build a Boutique Resort Hotel in Bali. Looking ahead to the future, he is exploring the possibilities of connecting people in a more efficient way in a totally integrated process. To experience the future right here, right now, brew your cuppa, and share in Noel's coffee chat with Mr. Pillinger here: Coffee With Samso Episode 81.

About David Pillinger

Managing Director

David Pillinger has been a Company Director from the very early age of 21 since 1989 with 5 surf store franchises as his first endeavour. Self-funded and grown from hard graft, he is familiar with all aspects of a vertically integrated business structure.

After a decade of surf industry retail and manufacturing knowledge, Mr. Pillinger turned his hand to his other passion in life - property development and sales. This created Property Gallery and it has grown year on year since its creation in 2001 and is now managing well over 3,000 properties from WAs North West to Perth’s Southern corridor .

This has not stopped Mr. Pillinger from combining his passion of surfing and property by designing and building a Boutique Resort Hotel called The Dipan in Seminyak, Bali which he also still maintains significant equity today.

The process of developing and creating income has always required a large amount of software and online marketing. Mr. Pillinger realised this as a core attribute to how his staff was evolving in all 3 industries - Retail, Construction / Manufacturing and Management .

¨There is a point in time where you step back and review which direction you are going and answer the questions of why am I going in this direction and what direction is the world going in.¨

The answer was Automation, and with a lot of self-service due to compliance and risk, it is safer to provide a self-service function for all people in most industries.

In 2018, Safesoft Pty Ltd was born. It was a new business to take all of the knowledge Mr. Pillinger had gathered as an entrepreneur to create a way of making business function better from creation through to ongoing management.

VCEX (Venture Capital Exchange) is the first release of many software solutions that utilise the Safesoft LTD core code and single source management logic.The VCEX Market Place manages and qualifies investors - AFSL Brokers and existing shareholders access through the one cloud-based single source registry exchange.

The clue to the future in the dialogue above is simple and common amongst all people who strive to have financial independence. Safesoft has a product called Safekey which accesses all of your investments in one place, securely managing your shares in companies and property management requirements.

David Pillinger is currently 52 years old at the time of publishing this article and interview, Safesoft LTD is 3 years old and for a software company that may be young, but as Mr. Pillinger puts it, for an adult it is about the right age to embark on a software solution that encompasses such a diverse solution and ability. Most people struggle to put time into their investments and this product will really connect investors with their assets and advisors and ultimately companies, that they too can invest in from simple direct investments to interest bearing convertible notes.

Safesoft opens up the possibilities of connecting people in a more efficient way in a totally integrated process that is far more efficient than what is currently available .

About VCEX

Venture Capital Exchange is now available for companies and AFSL CAR + AR promoters to raise capital and manage shareholders communications, ASIC updates and banking in one end to end ecosystem.

Their Patent Pending Software has been under review and patent approval process for 2 years with ASIC approval now available for investors of VCEX Pty Ltd shares to sell in low volume under ASIC exemption granted 30th March 2020 .

If you are interested in raising capital and low volume trading your shares in any unlisted company go to and try now for free.

They welcome AFSL + CAR promoters to operate compliantly on with free access to companies signing up to VCEX LVM trading and capital raising ecosystems.

Welcome to the future.

Bonus for Investors

Need a Boost?

Investors can find out more and create a freemium log in by following the link VCEX:VEX where you can gain access to the VCEX share offer and create an investor profile, review the Information Memorandum and presentations and invest in off-market offerings on VCEX.



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