Easter is a time to dress up your tree

Updated: Apr 11

With Easter coming up, even trees can have a bit of fun!

It's not just during Christmas that trees get to dress up and be all decked out. Easter is also a good time to let your trees have a bit of colour and decoration!

Perhaps you've heard of the Easter Tree tradition. It originated in Germany, and while that is quite a way off from Australia, the fun and joy of this tradition can still transcend time and space.

At Accomplished Tree Management, we like to think that trees like to have a bit of fun too.

Origins of the Easter Tree

The traditional image of this is a dogwood tree with pretty little Easter eggs dangling on its branches. In Germany, this is known as Ostereierbaum, or Easter egg tree. You can also find this tradition in other European countries such as Poland, Austria, and Hungary.

Decorate your own Easter Tree, Accomplished Tree Management, Featured on Brilliant Online
Decorate your own Easter Tree

The dogwood tree can be found in Australia in the south east of Queensland and eastern New South Wales. It is also known as Jacksonia Scoparia, and has a strong odour when burning. It is a small tree and has beautiful white blossoms in spring.

Legend has it the dogwood was once a tree as large as a great oak, and it provided the wood used to build the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Because of this, God cursed and blessed the tree.

It was condemned to be small forever, with narrow and crooked branches which was not useful for building purposes. At the same time, it was also graced with beautiful flowers each Easter, and its petals form the shape of a cross to remind everyone of what happened.

Springing to life

Fast forward to present times and we see families decorate the dogwood tree with pretty eggs at Easter. Eggs are a symbol of life, and Easter is synonymous with the rebirth of Earth with the coming of spring (not quite the case in Australia, but halfway across the world it is!).

Perhaps decorating this symbolic tree with eggs is a way to declare,"Welcome spring, welcome life!" This is when flowers bloom with joy and you see and hear busy little animals coming out to explore after a long hibernation.

And yes, we won‘t deny it, Easter eggs are really pretty when used to decorate a tree and we would not say no if they were delicious chocolate eggs!

Dressing up your easter tree

Making your own Ostereierbaum is really qu