OXIRA - The Business of Killing Germs

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Breathe Easy, Breathe Safe

With all the air around us, perhaps it is something we have been taking for granted. After all, there is plenty of it on Earth and we do not have to do anything to really generate air.

COVID-19 has brought a different way of thinking about the air we breathe. From being in lockdown in our homes and only being allowed to be outside for a certain period of time, to having to wear masks, breathing fresh clean air freely has taken on a whole new feeling.

New Rules in Place

Recently, the Hong Kong government announced that catering business premises are required to comply with specified requirements on air change or air purifier and obtain their certification by 30 April 2021. The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) had a working group compile a list of air purifiers that comply with the requirements under the Prevention & Control of Disease (Requirements & Directions) (Business & Premises) Regulation. This was carried out to protect the health of staff, customers and the public. By providing safe premises, it is hoped that the public would once again feel confident in patronising these places.

Catering premises are required to have an air exchange rate of indoor ventilation systems that can achieve at least 6 times per hour, or install air purifiers such as C-type ultraviolet (UVC) air neutralizer on their premises.

Bearing in mind the recent mandate and requirements, many restaurants and F&B groups have had to evaluate all the different UVC air purifier brands on the market and the final choice of many have been OXIRA.

Making Safety Accessible

What makes OXIRA their final choice is how they comply with FEHD's specifications and criteria. Catering establishments can trust OXIRA's systems to protect their customers and staff while meeting regulatory requirements. This ensures sustainability of their business.

Catering establishments have been hard hit across many countries due to the pandemic. Business owners have had nonstop challenges trying to keep their businesses going and it is a rough road ahead to recovering from the economic setback. Now that businesses are allowed to operate again, business owners are trying their best to keep their doors open while also making sure their premises are compliant with the new regulations and also keeping their customers and employees safe.

OXIRA is making this easier for business owners by providing a one-stop service of air purifier supply, installation and FEHD certification services by registered specialist contractor (ventilation category).

Already, businesses such as Disneyland Hong Kong, W Hotel, Foreign Correspondents’ Club and many other private clubs, hotels and catering groups have chosen to use OXIRA products in meeting the FEHD mandate.

Every single person's safety counts, and as businesses, different sectors are stepping up to help each other stay afloat by providing the best possible services they can offer.

What Does it Look Like?

Having an air purification system to ensure the safety of people in a premise may not be so common to many, and some may wonder how it works and what it even looks like.

Is it some giant, noisy fan with huge propellers that we need to knock down some walls to fit in?

OXIRA's system is surprisingly compact. It is the size of a 500ml mineral water bottle. Imagine that. This means it can be easily installed on a table or mounted on a wall or ceiling. This saves business owners from having to provide precious floor space just to incorporate this machine. This modest little machine is going to be hard at work to clean out the air while customers are on the premises.

Besides its small size, another huge benefit for business owners is its durability and it is a low maintenance machine. It is designed to operate 24 hours a day all year round. For such a little machine, it is actually very powerful! The German-made UV tube can maintain more than 90% germicidal power for over 15,000 hours. Pull out your calculators or challenge your mental prowess - that works out to 24/7 continuous operation for more than 20 months, or double that if the machine is used just 12 hours a day. Other brands mostly last only 6,000-9,000 hours. OXIRA units have no filters and the only consumable is the UV tube making it a hassle-free solution in the long run.