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Two wonderful children and another on the way!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

✦ Happy Father's Day!

Jacob Young has a daughter Courtney who is 9 years old and a son Benjamin who is 7. The founder of Dinki Co, he believes that we are in the midst of a time that represents great change and thinks most would agree.

Jacob Young with partner Katie, daughter Courtney and son Benjamin as featured in Brilliant Magazine
Jacob Young with partner Katie, daughter Courtney and son Benjamin

He loves that society, in general, is moving towards a more inclusive attitude and finally realising that we should celebrate each other's differences instead of fearing them.

Jacob told us, “I am stoked that my children will grow up in a world where they will be freer to act in a way that is representative of who they are at a core level than any generation before them. The fact that most men participate more around the home and in raising the children is a welcome change to the era of our parents and grandparents too.

"I am proud to contribute to a world where my son and daughter can both have the same advantages in life regardless of their age, sex or identity. I believe that being a modern dad means being more open-minded and inclusive than our predecessors and really cultivating children to feel comfortable being who they feel they are. I also think that breaking the cycles of the past is bigger today than ever.”


Jacob told us, “Courtney is so caring and really enjoys spending time together at Timezone or the movies or even just chilling out around the home together," said Jacob. "She is very artistic and can really draw, colour, and paint exceptionally well. She loves listening to music when we drive and around the house. She enjoys catching up with friends and family and is very social. She also applies herself to learning new things at school."

Courtney and Benjamin at Timezone Arcade as featured in Brilliant-Online
Courtney and Benjamin at Timezone Arcade

“Benjamin has the most gentle and beautiful soul. He loves to cuddle on the couch while watching the telly. He can be frustrating from time to time as he is really picky with food and does not always apply himself to his full potential at school but I am not concerned about his long-term progress. Like his sister, he is extremely intelligent and I am often astounded by the fact that I am privileged enough to have the opportunity to help cultivate amazing humans. He is really so curious about everyday things and often peppers me with questions about why things are or how they work.“

“My beautiful fiancee and I are also expecting another addition to the family in February 2023. I couldn't be happier with the news and am so looking forward to meeting the new bundle of joy.“

Jacob's wish for his children

“All that I wish for my kids is that they head into their late teenage years and early adulthood with a good sense of who they are at a core level. I want them to be confident in the choices they make and back themselves regardless of outside noise.

"I think some of our parents (in trying to help us) instead left us with a feeling of being unsure by "warning us" of all the things that can go wrong. I intend to highlight everything that can go right instead. I want to trust the children's judgment so that they learn to trust their own judgment too.

"I think involving them in decision-making processes from an early age and teaching actions and consequences is important, but it should be handled with care so as not to intimidate them out of the great things that all of us as human beings are capable of. “


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