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Capture the magic of Christmas forever with Lucy Humphries

✦ Lucy Humphries is a Port Macquarie photographer who goes beyond an image and takes precious peeks into one's world that's rich with sideways glances and little grins.

We all know those photographs in our family albums where we all look stiff with forced grins and awkward positions. It completely misses the point of taking a photo.

Lucy Humphries is a wife and mother with a gentle sensitivity to her lens. Her eyes and her trusty camera are able to zoom in on the moments that matter, that are real and say a million words. That's the magic of photography.

Capturing Christmas moments

Christmas is one of those moments of the year when magic is in the air and you want to capture all the heartwarming episodes during your family time. Lucy creates bespoke photography sessions for families right in the comfort of their home. This makes for a truly everlasting gift for everyone in the family. A good photograph can take you right back to the sights, smells and tastes of the very moment the photo was taken.

Lucy Humphries little boy decorating christmas tree  |  Lucy Humphries Photography | Brilliant-Online

An important ingredient for a good photograph is for the subjects to be completely at ease and to feel like they are in their natural environment. The photographer is not intrusive and the subjects are not expected to perform or be anything other than their natural selves. You can be decorating your tree with your dog all over the place or having flour in your hair while baking cookies and Lucy is there to capture all the beautiful moments of this special time of the year. What she can capture are the things you may not notice, and which are the most beautiful in a family. You can hear the bubble of giggles in her photographs, or remember the warm smell of cinnamon or see a different perspective of these beautiful people you have known all your life.

Lucy has a limited number of bespoke sessions this November, so book early to capture beautiful Christmas memories with your family.

How it works

Lucy will come to your home to capture all the festive excitement and capture moments to treasure. You select your date and time and Lucy will also speak with you about some ideas for the session.

Each session lasts 45-60 minutes and can be done indoors or outdoors.

There can be as many as 8 people in the session, depending on the size of your home. The best part is, while Lucy is there, you can be at ease and do all your family things together. It's not about posing, which can make many people feel uncomfortable. Lucy has a gift for blending in during these sessions so you'll start to forget after a while that she's there with a camera!

As a wife and mother herself, Lucy knows it's not about having a perfect-looking house with everything in its place. Lucy's not here to do a spot check of how clean your house is! She is experienced in finding the best angles and positions so it is you and your family who are the protagonists of this experience.

At the end of the session, you will have access to a stunning bespoke gallery of Our Christmas Story featuring a slideshow with your choice of 25 images available as digital downloads.

When you book a session with Lucy, quote BRILLIANT for $50 discount.

So, what will your Christmas story be this year?

Lucy Humphries little girl holding Christmas bauble  |  Lucy Humphries Photography | Brilliant-Online

Contact Lucy Humphries


Phone: 0488 157 919


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