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Veronica Lind, CEO

A COVID curiosity - more men were setting up their own businesses during the pandemic. That got me digging for numbers. I wanted to see if there were marked differences between a businessman and a business woman. Two things stood out.

Women entrepreneurs are open to asking for help. They see it as a strength. Men, however, are more reluctant. They’d rather get lost than ask for directions. So when Israel Smith started his Well-Being and Emotional Resilience Coach for Men in Business, my first question to him was “How do you get men to open up and come to you in the first place?” Israel’s story of getting help when he finally recognised “I’m not coping” is a very powerful one.

Secondly, men start their own companies in order to “be their own boss”. Women generally do so with the goal of integrating work and family. However, I am seeing more young men placing family and work-life-balance as priorities. Read about Sean Byfield who became his own boss and cleverly leveraged the big muscles of Oxbridge.

Brilliant-Online Magazine, June 2021 Issue, Brilliant Men in Business

I have met entrepreneurs who are multipotentialites with many interests and creative pursuits. They found a way to combine all these aspects to present new ideas, products and services to the world, and make a difference.

Mark Ennor is an example of a multipotentialite. Read about his journey in starting BookItDoIt.

I was one of those kids who didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be everything and still do! I was thrilled to be introduced to Emilie Wapnick and after listening to her TED Talk about multipotentialites, I’m so proud to just be me!

Perhaps that’s one reason why I wanted the Brilliant-Online Magazine to be interactive, making Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet a reality. I have done just about everything in my career, so why not bring in a bit of magic to the digital world?

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Veronica Lind



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