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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

✦ From Robyn, Wauchope Travel

Cruising in 2022 will present a whole new range of products and experiences, with a renewed focus on health and wellbeing. So much has changed in recent times but one thing is for sure; those who enjoy experiencing new destinations with a level of comfort and safety will be catered to like never before.

Even those who think that ‘cruising is not for them’ will be excited at the Expedition Cruises; small ships reaching close to shore in destinations that surprise and delight. Explore some of the world’s most remote and unspoiled destinations, abundant with wildlife and breathtaking scenery. Arctic, Antarctica, Galapagos, Kimberley, and South Pacific destinations are available for these small ship cruise experiences that put you right into the land, wildlife, and people of the place. Availability is limited due to the size of the vessels and the popularity of this type of cruising, so be flexible with your travel dates.

Luxury cruising never goes out of style, and this pause in operation has given everyone time to fine tune their offerings. With an emphasis on the health and safety of passengers and crew, the range of options is breathtaking. Elegant décor, fine dining and exceptional service are the hallmarks of luxury cruising and if you enjoy the finer things in life you can't go past Silversea, Regent Seven Seas, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises and many more who are ready to spoil you with inclusive packages and top class entertainment.

Had you considered a do-it-yourself option?

Barging has long been a truly satisfying way to travel the waterways of the UK and Europe. Chose your travel partners and pick from a self-drive or captained voyage, meandering through Europe’s most beautiful waters. Nicer than a hotel, imagine rocking to sleep on a quiet mooring near a local pub! A truly unique holiday experience, ideal for families and groups of friends.

One of my personal favorites is small ship cruising in Fiji. Two beautiful cruise companies offer genuine Fijiian hospitality, local food prepared freshly onboard, incredible scenery and the chance to snorkel daily - sometimes twice daily – in warm tropical waters.

Being less than 100 passengers on board, you soon make new friends and share experiences that would not be available to others, such as visiting a local school and dropping off school supplies to kids who are happy to show you their classroom and share their schoolyard. A very humbling experience that makes you realise how well appointed our schools really are. There are opportunities to go to a local church and sing along with the congregation, laze on a deserted island (with some staff from the boat – and an esky!) or just take in the scenery. Truly divine.

Ocean cruises will continue to be great fun and a very relaxing way to unwind. Many of the itineraries have been adjusted to include many more Australian destinations; keeping much needed dollars in Australia. Princess, P & O, Carnival and Royal Caribbean to name a few, are keen to re-establish themselves as safe and desirable holiday options.

On current government advice, most cruise lines should be operational by May of 2022 – it’s safe to say that this type of travel will continue to be very popular, and there are truly many bargains out there!

The pent up demand for cruising will also mean that availability will be an issue; the deals are good, and the deposits flexible, so don’t leave it until the last thing to jump on board.

As Australia opens up to domestic and international travel we are so looking forward to rebooking your dream holiday!

Office hours are currently 9am – 1pm Monday to Friday. We will close for Christmas on the 23rd December and re-open 4th January, 2022.

Have a Merry Christmas – we look forward to seeing you soon!


Wauchope Travel


t: 20 6585 2288

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