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Bonny Hills Landcare 75th Anniversary

✦ Hastings Landcare Incorporated works to harness a thriving, resilient Landcare and wider community and are dedicated to enhancing our local environment through work on public and private land.

By improving biodiversity, water and air quality, encouraging sustainable farming practices, promoting environmental awareness and a reduction in waste, there have been many achievements made during 2021 and 2022.

A Snapshot of some achievements and initiatives

Bonny Hills Landcare 75th Anniversary

Bonny Hills Landcare 75th Anniversary as featured in Brilliant-Online
Bonny Hills Landcare Members Celebrate 75th Anniversary

To celebrate the Bonny Hills Landcare groups 75th Anniversary, they had a successful day of tree planting in the Rainbow Beach Reserve and along the "Yellow Brick Road" in October! Thanks is extended to everyone that made this day a success!

A persistent effort over many years has dramatically reduced the weed load and allowed for the natural regeneration of local native plant species. The group controls weeds such as bitou bush, ground asparagus and ockna.

Weed Management and Property Planning Webinar

A great opportunity to learn about weed control and property planning!

This workshop will benefit landholders new to land management as well as those with more experience.

Don't miss out on this one! Click here to register

Native Plants and Climate Resilience

Are you considering planting at your Landcare site or farm, or applying for a grant that involves planting and requires development of a climate ‘ready’ plant Iist? Brunswick Valley Landcare has produced a very useful guide on this topic.

While this document was produced by Brunswick Valley Landcare and entitled Climate Resilient Landscapes, A Planting Guide for the Northern Rivers Region, many of the species have widespread distribution along our coastline. For each plant the following information is given: rate of growth, height; drought, fire and flood resilience, salt, frost and wind tolerance; carbon sequestration and habitat and food.

It covers these habitats: Coastal and Estuarine, Riverine and Alluvial; Foothills and Hinterland, Ridged and Ranges and plants suitable for fire prone area are listed in a separate section.

Join the Frog Count

Get out side with the Frog ID App and record calls for science in Australia's biggest frog count.

Whether recording in a backyard, farm or Landcare site all the data captured goes a long way in supporting frog research.

The platy-project

By recording where platypuses live we can understand more about this incredible creature, and help prevent further declines in their numbers.

Record platypus sightings | Landcare | Brilliant-Online
Record platypus sightings

That’s where you can help. There are places within the platypus’ range where sightings have never been recorded, or where they haven’t been seen for a long time. These are our biggest gaps in knowledge.

You can help researchers fill these gaps by visiting priority areas, looking for platypuses, and uploading your findings to the University of New South Wales’ platypus sighting database.

You’ll also have an incredible time getting out into nature – and hopefully experience the magical moment of spotting a platypus!

Your Invited

Hastings Landcare invites you to their Annual General Meeting to be held on the 24th November, 4.30pm at the Wauchope RSL Club in the Rosewood Room. Learn about the many Hastings Landcare achievements in 2021-2022 and meet like minded people.

Landcare is for everyone and is open to everyone, a network of local people who care for a better future!

If you are interested in being on the committee, please complete the nomination form

and return by the 23rd of November or feel free to call on 0467 864 465.

The current committee looks forward to seeing you at the AGM and please join them for dinner afterwards!

Landcare Community Nursery

Is a large, semi-automated nursery dedicated to raising native plants from seeds collected in this region. We are thus the regional genetic repository for native vegetation. The nursery provides seedlings and root-stock to their projects, to Port Macquarie Hastings Council and other government bodies and to both urban and rural landholders. Noting the cost advantage conferred by the all-volunteer workforce, they do not compete with commercial nurseries.

More information: Visit PMLG website

Landcare Community Nursery as featured in Brilliant-Online

Hastings Landcare have workshops regularly, if you would like to come along to the next one subscribe to their newsletter

Join Hastings Landcare: Click for membership form


Hastings Landcare Inc as featured in Brilliant-Online

Hastings Landcare Inc.



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