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Blackstone Minerals' Downstream Business and the Art of Nickel Production

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

✦ Part 3 of Samso's Special Series on Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX:BSX) with Tony Tang, General Manager of Project Development for the downstream business.

Tony Tang brings deep insights into how Blackstone Minerals is making the business of nickel production bulletproof. The chemistry, the cooking process of making nickel products is like the simple art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Tony Tang, General Manager of Project Development, Blackstone Minerals Limited, featured on Brilliant-Online

The process, from growing the beans to making that perfect brew, is the same as what is happening in Vietnam. There is an art to the precision and the masterful process of making sure all the finer elements are measured and calculated to ensure the end product is of the highest quality.

This is the best time to be accumulating stock. You are now at the "Sure Thing" part of the market. - Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, is telling investors.

The stage at which Blackstone Minerals is right now is a time when investors tend to start losing patience and turn their interests elsewhere. Take a pause and listen to Tony Tang. He is one big reason why investors need to adopt a different perspective of this period of lull.

Take this time to deep dive into the business and learn as much as you can about it. When investors are well-informed, they can then take position. Bear in mind there has been quite a bit of de-risking taking place and the market is actually improving.

Nickel pricing is buoyant and most importantly, the future looks bright and secure.

At Blackstone Minerals, the team works as one to create a cost efficient and ESG compliant process. What is even more noteworthy is how the team members are all on the same page and have ESG instilled in their DNA. Everyone is working with the belief and understanding that this business is one that is made to work for all involved and not just for the market.

Coffee With Samso and Tony Tang

Mr. Tang shares his insights into how his Blackstone team is making the best Coffee in Vietnam and is serving it up as a quality brew for the world market.


00:00 Introduction

01:03 Tony introduces himself

01:36 The difference between Massive and Disseminated Sulphides.

02:54 What is happening with the Blackstone business now.

04:59 The process is like cooking a great meal.

06:47 Mastering the Art of Making the Best Coffee.

09:15 Is it a good thing to have both massive and disseminated nickel ore?

10:41 Are there any nasty elements in the ore?

12:22 What are the technical hurdles for the downstream business?

14:10 Any people sourcing issues?

15:58 Are there any jurisdiction issues for the Blackstone Business?

17:18 Is having the ability to speak Vietnamese an advantage?

19:05 It is all about the people of the business.

20:51 The ESG DNA in the Blackstone business.

22:56 Is Blackstone doing anything different?

25:37 How does Blackstone do the Downstream business?

27:58 How Green is the business?

30:56 Is the business easy?

32:52 Conclusion


About Tony Tang

General Manager - Project Development (Downstream)

Blackstone Minerals Limited


BSc Chemical and Metallurgy

Cert IV frontline Management - Project Management

HAZID, HAZOP, CHAZOP facilitator/leader

As a highly-experienced hydrometallurgical engineer, Tony is instrumental to Blackstone's plans to expand downstream refining capacity and technical capability. His experience is invaluable to Blackstone's Downstream Business Unit (DBU), which includes plans to attract customers, design and construct a pilot plant in Vietnam, and ensure NCM precursor production meets battery-grade specification.

Tony Tang has vast experience in commodities like nickel, cobalt, scandium, gold, silver, copper, rare earth, lithium, and minerals sand and is a pioneer of nickel processing solutions and has led several R&D initiatives in connection to the lithium-ion battery industry, spanning across laboratories, operations, engineering consultancies – projects development, studies, EPC, EPCM, sustaining capitals and commissioning.

Since 1995, Mr Tang has been extensively involved in multiple second generation HPAL nickel and cobalt laterite projects. Mr Tang worked at Murrin Murrin Operations for nearly a decade where he was involved in commissioning, operations, plant optimisation and ongoing R&Ds projects.

About Blackstone Minerals Limited

Blackstone Minerals Limited (ASX: BSX) is developing the district-scale Ta Khoa Project in Northern Vietnam where the company is drilling out the large-scale Ban Phuc Nickel-PGE deposit. The Ta Khoa Nickel-PGE Project has existing modern mine infrastructures built to International Standards including a 450ktpa processing plant and permitted mine facilities.

Blackstone Minerals also owns a large landholding at the Gold Bridge project within the BC porphyry belt in British Columbia, Canada with large scale drill targets prospective for high-grade gold-cobalt-copper mineralisation. In Australia, Blackstone Minerals is exploring for nickel and gold in the Eastern Goldfields and gold in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Blackstone Minerals has a board and management team with a proven track record of mineral discovery and corporate success.

Blackstone Minerals Key Projects


The Ta Khoa Nickel-Copper-PGE Project is located 160km west of Hanoi in the Son La Province of Vietnam and includes an existing modern nickel mine built to Australian Standards, which is currently under care and maintenance. The Ban Phuc nickel mine successfully operated as a mechanised underground nickel mine from 2013 to 2016.


The Gold Bridge Project was discovered in the 1930's by prospectors identifying a pink cobalt-bloom on weathered mineralization that led to three adits being developed. A total of 1,268 m of drilling was completed from underground and detailed channel sampling was taken from the adits. Results from this work generated some exceptional Cobalt and Gold assays with average grades of 3.0% Cobalt and 20g/t Gold.

Contact Blackstone Minerals Limited


a/ Suite 3, Level 3, 24 Outram Street, West Perth, WA, 6005

t/ + 61 8 9425 5217

f/ +61 8 6500 9982


PO Box 1175, West Perth, WA, 6872


Bonus eBook for Investors

VMS (Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide) Deposits Explained

In simple terms, Volcanic-associated Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposits are caused by underground metal-rich volcanoes rising and creating a cooking environment.

We suggest you download this eBook which explains the VMS and How to Add Value to your Share Portfolio



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