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Bianca Moore of The Witchy Nook: Witchcraft is a reflection of being yourself

Updated: Mar 9

✦ If you're following your passion and being the real you, that's beautiful witchcraft at work!

We speak to Bianca Moore, owner of The Witchy Nook to learn more about her magical world of spells, herbs, crystals and all things witchy!

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How did you get into the world of magick?

I guess this has always been my passion. I've always been interested in it. As a kid, I grew up fossicking and hunting for crystals and going out the bush and stuff like that. So I guess it started young. I can't really say, how long, like how much experience I've gotten to me, it's not something I've learned.

It's someone I've always been. So this is just a reflection of who I am. And my business is a reflection of me.

Crystals were my first kind of passion. And I learned and I read, and I spent lots of my childhood reading books and learning. And then that stemmed into the witchcraft side of things. That means the gathering of herbs for example, and I loved being outdoors and learning about the plants and what they meant and what they did. It just stemmed from there and became this.

The Witchy Nook Bianca Moore | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

What is witchcraft?

It's something good! Witchcraft is a reflection of being yourself. So it's not a 'thing'. It's what anyone can do. It's something anyone can be.

It's being true to yourself and being true to who you are, and following your passions and doing things because you want to do them, not because society tells you you should or shouldn't. So, to me, it's a reflection of who you are: the real you. And it's a collection of your beliefs and what you follow and what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. It's connecting back to the earth and where everything started.

All things magick

I started with crystals first. So two and a half years ago, I opened up online with just a website. Then I went on to herbs. I had little herb bottles, little herb packets, and I use them to create bath salts, oil rollers, face sprays, room sprays, smudging etc. I then grew into other handmade products. It then stemmed into the crystals and all the other metaphysical products. I started sharing them with other people.

Bianca's apothecary

People love the herbs and crystals. They are fascinated by my apothecary where they can come in and get all the ingredients they need for any spells, rituals, teas etc. You can make your own herbal tea out of them. It's kind of like your base. The apothecary has everything you need to combine with your intent to focus on what you want to achieve.

Here's something that's really popular too - spell jars. You can make your own spell jar. People come into the shop, use all of these and create their own little spell jars to take home. You can do that based on whatever you want to achieve. Here's one for healing so you can do protection and sleep and anxiety etc.

You activate it by placing it in a specific place. By putting in all the ingredients, you're creating a mixture to work towards the intent or what you want to achieve. Then you place it somewhere in your house and that works itself. I guess you could say with spell jars, you get out what you put in!

The Witchy Nook Bianca Moore | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

2024 is a Leap Year abound with superstitions! Speak to friendly Bianca Moore at The Witchy Nook to give you some magick to make your year sparkle!❋

Contact The Witchy Nook

a/ Shop 5-6 Colonial Arcade, Port Macquarie NSW 2444


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