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Embrace your magick at The Witchy Nook

✦ Magic is in every nook and cranny! Come and be bewitched!

"Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble."

Who doesn't love a sprinkle of magic and mystique? Perhaps not quite in the form of Macbeth's witches, but we can easily find in our midst fans of Harry Potter, Narnia or The Lord of the Rings.

Magic does not abound only between the pages of a book. Magic, enchantments and spells are still very much alive in our modern world.

Don't believe us? Just hop over to The Witchy Nook!

What is the Witchy Nook?

It's an online metaphysical emporium based in Port Macquarie, NSW. In fact, even as we're writing this, they have just moved into a cosy little nest at Shop 5-6 Colonial Arcade, Port Macquarie. Here you can find the owner, Bianca Moore with her beautiful range of high-quality crystals, metaphysical supplies, herbs, spell kits and spell jars, crystal tumbles, cauldrons, smudging supplies and incense.

Magic and Modern Life

You may be wondering, what can these things do and why would we be needing them in this 21st century and modern life?

One could say it is in these modern times we live in that we need even more to tap into ancient wisdom. Modern life is often stressful, there is a sense of disconnect and many struggle to find their purpose in life. This is where we need to remember that we are all humans - living, breathing creatures who are one with Nature. In a brick and concrete environment like most cities, we have forgotten the embrace of Mother Nature.

Bianca believes everyone has the ability to connect with the Earth, and to harness our own natural magic and innate wisdom. That is how The Witchy Nook was born, to provide a place to supply humans with the tools they need to reconnect with themselves, with Nature, with something more expansive than their immediate surroundings of work, traffic, taxes and chores.

Bianca can take you into her enigmatic world of crystals, herbs and spells and help you to wield your own brilliant magic and unlock your hidden potential. These have been used in ancient times for different purposes, from cleansing negative energy in a space, to lifting one's spirits or for protection as one embarks on an arduous task.

Magic is natural to us

Many of us know the feeling of heaviness or stagnation in one's living space, or that uncomfortable tension in the air at work. Even without realising it, we have a natural 'witchy' side to us. Many people have a little 'amulet' they carry around with them for good luck, whether they are superstitious or not. Sometimes it's a little stone your child found in the garden and gifted it to you when they know you are feeling down. Others have their favourite jewellery that is in some way symbolic and makes them feel more powerful so they wear it when they have an important interview.

Whatever your needs are, whatever changes you are seeking in your life, Bianca at The Witchy Nook will introduce you to a vast array of all things magical that awaits your discovery. Be enchanted as she unveils the secrets of mysterious spell jars, enigmatic kits, cryptic herbs and botanicals or calming incense that can help you make that shift in your life.

Respecting Nature

"I supply hand picked and ethnically sourced Crystals and Metaphysical items while also creating a place where people can go to grow their knowledge." - Bianca Moore, The Witchy Nook

For Bianca, it is important that The Witchy Nook is a place that respects Nature and she works hard to source for the best Australian products, with the highest-quality ingredients in their handmade items. Being sustainable, eco-friendly and supportive of local businesses is what good witches do! Even with their packaging, Bianca is careful to keep it eco-friendly and to reuse whenever possible.

A Witchy Nook ritual

Here are some examples of small rituals you can easily do at home. These ones can help you set your intentions for the month ahead. Remember to follow Bianca on Facebook and Instagram for tips on how to tap into your inner magic!

Rituals to Set Intentions for the Month Ahead | Witchy Nook | Brilliant-Online

Rituals to Set Intentions for the Month Ahead

  • Blow cinnamon powder through your front door to bring prosperity and abundance for the month ahead. (If you don't have powder, throwing a stick of cinnamon across the doorway will work as well)

  • Smudge your house or space. This will get rid of anything negative that may have attached itself and allow you to go into the month ahead cleansed and with balanced energy.

  • Cleanse your crystals. This can be done using moonlight, smudging, or placing them with some selenite for the day. Get your crystals ready to tackle the month ahead.

  • Place citrine in the back left hand corner of your house or space. This will attract wealth and abundance to you for the month ahead.

  • Meditate and set your intentions. This can be as simple as going outside barefoot, connect to the earth and ground yourself, ask for what you want this month to bring you and start it off with strong intentions.

"Always go with what feels right for you. This journey is yours to make your own!" - Bianca Moore

Intrigued? Perhaps your Inner Witch is already bubbling with excitement to find out more about The Witchy Nook. Take a deep breath, feel your feet grounding into the earth, call out your Inner Magical Self and visit The Witchy Nook at their new shop, or visit them online.

Let your magic shine!


The Witchy Nook

a/ Shop 5-6 Colonial Arcade, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

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