Astrology 2021

A Great Awakening Written in the Stars

The start of a new year is always a time for shaking off the debris of the past and looking forward with optimism for hopes of a better year to come. Traditionally, this has usually meant using astrology as a way of finding forecasts of good fortune. And after everything we experienced during 2020, anyone would be excused for casting their eyes to the heavens for signs of improvements in the year ahead.

It’s useful to put all this in perspective by balancing the astral signs with previous patterns and what we know of current activities. So, with that in mind, an astrologer, Jenny Ashton, is telling us we can expect throughout 2021, predicted to be a year of hope and social change.

Planets on the move - Jenny Ashton

We ended 2020 with Jupiter and Saturn leaving Capricorn and starting their journey through Aquarius.

Leaving behind the heavy energy we have all felt in 2020, 2021 will herald a time of originality, scientific advancements and progressive reforms led by group awareness, education and knowledge.

Humanity will demand freedom from old and irrelevant concepts. A time of new social reforms will be challenging for many people to understand.

There will still be great periods of global stress with the possibility of violent conflict against authority during January.

It will be hard to plan realistic goals for 2021 as the year will be in flux, being flexible and making alternative plans will be challenging. A creative approach could ease any tensions.

Landmark astrological events in 2021 will be the first Eclipse on 26th May, a total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius; and on 10th June there is a Solar Eclipse in Gemini. This will shift our method of communication and interest in learning new ways of living.

On 19th November a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will question values and resources; while on 4th December, a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius could bring a quest for truth highlighting legal issues. The Sagittarius energy highlighted during this Eclipse period from 26th May to 4th December could involve legal issues.

2021 will herald a time of originality, scientific advancements and progressive reforms
2021 will herald a time of originality, scientific advancements and progressive reforms

Turmoil of Governments

Where to Start?

With unprecedented scenes of disorder already in Washington DC, Brexit turbulence in Britain and Europe, and all the trials and tribulations of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, governments have become confused, panicked and forced – it seems – to think on their feet.

This sense of confusion has trickled down and spread among their peoples, leading to what many see as a vicious circle of uncertainty.

It all brings to mind the celebrated quote by author John Steinbeck: “I know now why confusion in government is not only tolerated but encouraged. I have learned. A confused people can make no clear demands.”

But it’s not all bewilderment in the astrological outlook, which says although Aquarius energy can be unpredictable, both personally and on a world stage, it can also be rebellious, eccentric, humanitarian, inventive, and independent.

Personal freedom and independence will have a major influence on political change so the many political and social changes predicted for the first quarter of 2021 will need to be carefully balanced between the importance of humanitarian welfare and radical change, to avoid creating a sense of distrust with government and big businesses.

There will be a great awakening within various groups that have felt the limitations from big organisations and governments, and many groups will demand equality and the freedom to choose and create their independence.

A time of optimism is forecast with Jupiter in Aquarius until December 2021. Humanity can look forward to a time of a great awakening to the potential of what can be achieved when we work together for a common goal and the common good.

With Saturn also in Aquarius right through until March 2023, humanity will be rewarded for hard work. There will be many scientific advances throughout 2021, in agriculture, medicine, and technology.

This heightened energy could also lead to ideals that can be revolutionary and possibly rebellious - combined with a strong sense of justice this could give rise to protests. Jupiter in Aquarius energy will shine a light on inequalities, and great change in human consciousness will create opportunities to expand human understanding.

Creativity Leads the Way

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic early last year, while unexpected and profound, contained the benefit of forcing businesses to take creative action to stay open, ready and available in the New Normal.

This creativity looks to continue as an important element of 2021, with businesses staying the course of pivoting and adapting to take advantage of new opportunities arising. This may indeed be a long-standing New Normal.

The astrology forecast says 2021 will be a time of working towards realistic objectives, of understanding there will be limitations to what can be achieved and that because nothing will happen quickly, being persistent is the key to success.