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Are you ready to awaken to your Feminine Power?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

✦ Transformative, inspiring and powerful, Judy Mort of Artemis Rising offers women a range of ways to remember and reclaim their most authentic, empowered, and wildly soulful nature. Her work aligns and guides women on their Soul Path in life.

A teacher and practitioner of the Women’s Mysteries and Shamanic Womancraft, Judy holds regular Moon Circle for Soulful Women circles, Wise Woman Rising and Rites of Passage workshops, Pregnancy and Birth workshops and other programs, events, and courses. Highly-personalised support and mentorship through Bespoke One to One Sessions is also offered.

Judy has been offering her services for over 12 years, while also working as a Midwife within NSW Health. She travels nationally and internationally holding workshops, circles, courses, retreats and presents at various conferences. Programs are available locally in the Mid North Coast NSW region and online.

Rise to your feminine power with Judy Mort as featured in Brilliant-Online, Women in Business
Reclaim your feminine power with Judy Mort. Photo: Lucy Humphries

“I teach and guide women in ways to live in alignment with the power and wisdom inherent in all of life’s cycles, our bodies, the Moon, the Earth and our life phases," Judy told us. "In learning and living this way women remember that we are indeed Nature, we are connected and interconnected to all life’s cycles and the Earth we live with.”

This work connects women to their soul path, in ways that are directly applicable to our everyday lives, benefiting ourselves, our families, our communities and the earth. Positively life enhancing, this healing work leads to greater ease, flow, and meaning.

In joining the events offered through Artemis Rising, women embark on their individual sacred journey made richer through sharing it with others.

Workshops, gatherings, courses, and individual sessions are regularly held where women learn, remember, reclaim, and reconnect with their most authentic, fulfilled and sacred selves.

There are new Moon Circle for Soulful Women groups starting online in May and locally in the Port Macquarie, Wauchope, and Camden Haven regions in July. A series of ‘Reclaiming our Rites of Passage: Remembering the Women’s Mysteries’ workshops are coming up from April to July.

Profound and positive differences in the lives of women

Women who come to Judy's programs are from all backgrounds, all walks of life and are at varying stages on their journey of personal growth. They are often moving through times of transition and transformation in their lives or noticing repetitive patterns and ways of being which feel restrictive or are inhibiting growth, freedom and enjoyment.

Women who feel a yearning or a sacred hunger to connect with the ancient ways, earth-based ritual and practices, and the Feminine Divine are drawn to work with Judy.

This work calls to women who are seeking a deeper meaning, purpose, direction, or passion in life, but don’t quite know what that is or what next step to take.

“I help women who are approaching or currently immersed in significant Rites of Passage, such as pregnancy and childbirth, or perimenopause and menopause," she explained. "I offer spaces for women who are looking for a safe and sacred community of others in which to share, learn, grow and evolve in ways which are directly applicable to everyday life. Some women seek to unleash their most authentic and wild nature; knowing that the cycles of our bodies and our lives connect us directly with this ancient wisdom.”

Judy believes that gathering in safe and sacred women’s circles has the potential for women to remember who they truly are. There is a ripple effect that radiates out. Women’s Circles hold the power to change the world and it starts within.

Women seeking a place of belonging and a homecoming to themselves are welcomed and encouraged to join the circles.

How does Artemis Rising benefit Women?

Women step into their power, increase their confidence, improve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. They can find their path in life and enhance relationships, increase self-worth and self-value. Women find connection to other women and a deep sense of understanding and solidarity.

“Women find healing on all levels through my teachings. They learn to live a life with more passion and purpose. They learn to love, value and cherish their bodies and connect in profound ways with a deeper spiritual presence in the world, in nature and in the Feminine Divine. It joins dots, fill gaps and nurtures a part which is ignored and lost in modern life. Women learn to trust themselves and their inner wisdom, access and trust intuition, expand their consciousness and participate in their own soul evolution.”

Challenges as a Woman Business Owner

Recently Judy made the transition from employment as a registered Midwife in NSW Health, to working full time in her business.

She loves the creativity, the freedom, the passion and the autonomy that this move has given her as she gets to set her own agenda.

As a solo Woman Business Owner, a challenge she has found has been learning and implementing all areas of business; from planning, marketing, finances, content creation, ongoing professional and personal development; managing back-end systems; while offering the positively life enhancing service of Circles, workshops, courses and One to One Sessions, to women.

She has been helped immensely by guidance from female business-savvy mentors who get it and get what she offers. Through this mentorship Judy has established a clear business plan, smooth operating systems and strategic actions, which ensures that she continues to prioritise her life.

“Most importantly, I apply to my business systems what I teach in life! I align my business activities with the changing Lunar Phases and turning of the Earth Seasons. Daily sacred practise and ritual enrich my life. I follow my own cyclical wisdom to ensure a sustainable and regenerative way of working; avoiding overwhelm and burnout,” she told us.

She listens to her intuition, exercises discernment, asks for help readily and seeks that sweet spot of balancing life, fun, wellbeing, pleasure, all business activities, and delivering the services she has a passion for.

Approaching challenges with curiosity, flexibility and, at times, a sense of wonder, Judy told us that challenges offer her an opportunity for growth. While not always comfortable she has had enough experience and insight to look a bit deeper, go beyond the surface, and work things out.

She said, “As a Midwife, I have learnt that there is always more going on than we think we know! I trust the Mystery, I trust the process and I trust myself.”

Judy delights in the continued unfolding of a synchronous and meaningful life and believes challenges can be a part of that bigger picture.

Spiritual, personal and professional

Artemis Rising is a unique business. Judy’s many years of experience bring the wisdom of spiritual, personal and professional education and enquiry to all that she offers.

A reflection and extension of all that she has learnt and grown from over the years is Artemis Rising. With a background that spans the scientific and the sacred, there is breadth and depth to what Judy offers and in all that she does.

“I have many years of experience working closely with people who are seeking support, guidance and mentorship. I have wisdom and gifts to share, which make a profound and positive difference in the lives of women. I am here in service to that,” Judy said.

A seeker and seer of the sacred; her life experiences, her fascination, education and training are grounded in Feminism, Goddess-centred, Earth-Based Spirituality and Midwifery. She is deeply connected to the ancient ways of women, and is passionate about sharing feminine wisdom with other people.

Having a unique combination of skills, across a wide range of modalities places Judy as a leader in this field.

Protecting our Earth

To make Earth a better place, Judy believes that business could take an active stand in breaking the menstrual and menopause taboo which exists in our culture. Normalising menstrual cycle and menopause workplace awareness, and establishing policy to support menstruaters, is a next step that needs to happen, to shift misogynistic patriarchal paradigms.

“Menstrual and Menopause workplace policy has been successfully implemented in businesses and organisations across the world, with the expected positive benefits,“ she told us. “When businesses adopt this policy and practice, there is also a corresponding raising of consciousness and willingness to amplify global gaps for women, girls and menstruaters in countries where period poverty and menstrual taboo continue to be a barrier to basic human rights, such as dignity, education and personal safety.”

You can learn more, explore the research and find a copy of Menstrual Workplace Policy at The Victorian Women’s Trust. Victorian Women's Trust

One way to be sustainable in business, Judy suggests, is to apply the ‘wisdom of the cycles’ and an active understanding of the interconnection of all life, to workplace culture, norms, and practices.

“Cyclical Wisdom and nature shows us that no one part of any cycle is better or to be more valued than another," Judy explained. "Recognising and valuing all parts is not only sustainable, it is regenerative.”

"Furthermore, we live in a patriarchal culture which pedestals output, consumption, relentless production, 'up-and-on' activity, at great cost and detriment to us all. We know that this is not sustainable for us personally, collectively, or for the Earth.”

Her belief is that by adopting a ‘cyclically wise’ approach to how we live our lives personally, and how we conduct our business practices across all spheres, placing value on the phases of descent, of rest, restoration, renewal, is by its nature sustaining and regenerating. Shifting from hierarchical, ‘power-over’ organisational structures to matrifocal or matricentric ways, is key in this.

Judy’s wish for 2023… Peace. Peaceful heart, peaceful mind, peace with our bodies, peace within ourselves. Inner peace and outer peace. Peace within our families, our workplaces, our communities, all nations and the Earth.




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