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Accomplished Tree Management explains tree hazard management after a storm

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

✦ When a natural disaster strikes, nature needs a leg up too. Accomplished Tree Management sheds light on what trees need after a traumatic event.

The recent "mini cyclone" over Port Macquarie, NSW may have come and gone, but we still need to be vigilant with hazards.

The mini cyclone that hit Port Macquarie on 3rd February 2023. Featured on Brilliant-Online
The "mini cyclone" that hit Port Macquarie on 3rd February 2023. Photo Credit: Councillor Danielle Maltman

Accomplished Tree Management is the friendly local arborist people call when their trees are doing poorly, or when they need a tree removed. The professionals know the legal requirements and the steps they need to take to ensure a proper treatment of the tree without damaging its surroundings and infrastructure.

After the severe rain and hail hit Port Macquarie, they got a call from a client who needed help. Rhys and his team visited the property and performed a thorough hazard assessment. The final verdict was the tree had to be removed. This was because the tree's root plate showed evidence of movement, and as it was located in a residential area, that had to be taken into consideration as well as the safety of the people in the area. It was a beautiful tree and it was a shame it had to be removed. In situations like this where the inevitable happens, Accomplished Tree Management does their best to give the tree its due respect by performing a proper, clean and dignified removal.

Video shows time lapse of tree removal

What should house or property owners do about the trees on their land after a natural catastrophe like the recent cyclone?

Do not fix anything

Storm-affected trees are weak and could be hazardous. You're likely to notice broken and dangling limbs, or debris piled around. There may be electrical wires or cables that have gotten entangled with the trees. No matter what, do not attempt to clear up the area on your own. No chainsaws, no ladders. There are hidden hazards and one action could trigger off a dangerous domino effect. Remember, after a storm, the soil may have gotten soft beneath even if it doesn't look so on the surface. This means trees don't have a strong anchor and may shift.

Try to cordon off the area and keep people away from it until the professional arborists can come by to assess the situation.

The mechanics of tree hazards is a whole science on its own. Read more about it here:

Call a professional

You can observe the area and the trees and share the information with your arborist. What is the state or condition of the trees? You may have to be mentally prepared that if some of your trees are looking rather battered, they may have to be removed.

Professional arborists have the proper tools, equipment and most importantly, skills and experience to know what is the best course of action for every situation. They can safely and efficiently fix mildly damaged trees or remove the ones that are more severely damaged. That's why it's important to get the help of the professionals and not go DIY. A professional arborist can even help save a tree because problems have been detected early by their sharp eyes.

Accomplished Tree Management uses the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Method which is a decision-making framework to help them consider the balance between the benefits provided by trees, levels of risk they pose, and costs of risk management.

Be Prepared

If you have trees on your property, it is a good idea to research and check out a reliable tree services company in your area if you haven't got one yet. Speak to them, and get to know them so you can contact them immediately should an emergency occur. You don't want to contact the first name on the list in a panic when a catastrophe occurs without verifying if they are properly licensed or not.

Accomplished Tree Management is Proudly Australian, and they have seen the community thrive again in spite of the elements. They have been faithfully supporting their clients and their trees all this time through challenging catastrophes.

Learn more about their Hazard Assessment services. Speak to Accomplished Tree Management to find out more.

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