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3,139 push-ups in 24 days: are you up for the challenge, Mid North Coast?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Lifeline Mid Coast takes on the Push Up Challenge - PUSH FOR BETTER MENTAL HEALTH - June 1-24, 2022

Take up the Push Up Challenge, Lifeline Mid Coast featured o Brilliant-Online Magazine
Take up the Push Up Challenge

Lifeline Mid Coast rallies the support of the community in their push for better mental health this June. They are proud to be a major beneficiary partner of Australia’s largest fitness-based mental-health event, The Push-Up Challenge 2022, and they want you on their team.

The Push-Up Challenge is designed to help shine a spotlight on the tragic number of Australians that die by suicide each year and provides a tangible way for the community to make a difference to mental health and suicide prevention.

“We are challenging people to get fit, have fun and learn about mental health, by registering with us and completing 3,139 push-ups from June 1st to June 24th this year,” says Marketing Coordinator Lisa Willows. “We are encouraging individuals and organisations to take the challenge and participate in raising awareness and funds for Lifeline Mid Coast.

“We understand that 3,139 is a lot of push ups to make over the period, so we are happy for teams to make them collectively. Complete your push ups any time, any place – other exercise alternatives are welcome, it’s all part of being the team and it’s great to have a goal. There is a phone app that can track your progress.”

Recent scientific evidence suggests that three 45-minute exercise sessions per week is enough to provide antidepressant benefits to mental health

Thousands of Australians from all ages and walks of life participate in the free event which engages people in mental health through connection, physical activity and education.

Lifeline Mid Coast CEO Catherine Vaara said, “The Push-Up Challenge is a great opportunity for Australians to talk about their mental health, learn how to best support each other and recognise when they might need to put their own hand up for help. Mid North Coast locals had so much fun pushing up and learning about mental health with us last year, so we can’t wait to do it all again for 2022.

“More people than ever before are reaching out to Lifeline for help and support, and the money raised through The Push-Up Challenge will support our services to be there for anyone, anytime, whatever the reason,” added Catherine.

Participants of all ages and abilities push-up while learning about mental health, with the number of daily push-ups changing to reflect a vital mental health fact. Participants can aim for 100% of the daily push-up target, or set their own push-up goal - which can also be done as sit-ups, squats or tailored exercises - with progress tracked through a dedicated app.

“The Push-Up Challenge is all about getting involved in physical and mental health in a fun and unique way and we’d love to have the local community involved,” said Nick Hudson, Founder of The Push-Up Challenge.

Lifeline Mid Coast is encouraging people of all ages, local businesses, gyms, clubs and schools in the area to join Team Lifeline Mid Coast. You can register for The Push-Up Challenge as an individual, a team, or get your whole workplace, club, gym or school involved at

About The Push-Up Challenge

Founded by Nick Hudson in Perth in 2017, The Push-Up Challenge (TPUC) began as a challenge between four friends and has grown to become Australia’s largest fitness-based mental health event. The Challenge asks individuals to complete 3,139 push-ups over 24 days in June, to raise awareness about mental health and suicide. TPUC is a fun way for Australians to connect with one another, get fit, and learn about mental health, with participants encouraged to raise money for Lifeline, Movember or The Push For Better Foundation. The free event runs from June 1-24, 2022. For more information and to register, visit

About Lifeline

For 59 years, Lifeline has been connecting with Australians in need through crisis support and suicide prevention services – bringing hope and help to people anytime, anywhere.

Through phone, text and online chat, Lifeline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to listen without judgement to any person in Australia who is feeling overwhelmed, experiencing crisis or longs to be heard.

The Lifeline network includes 41 Centres in metropolitan, rural and remote areas across the nation. There are over 10,000 volunteers and 1,000 employees working to ensure that no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.

Lifeline centres also deliver accredited education and training programs focusing on suicide awareness and prevention as well as community-based suicide prevention initiatives, including support services for those impacted by suicide. Lifeline is available to help.

Through phone, text and online chat, Lifeline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to listen without judgement to any person in Australia who is feeling overwhelmed, experiencing crisis or longs to be heard. If you, or someone you know, is in need of support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 (24 hours / 7 days) or chat to a Crisis Supporter at (7pm – midnight, 7 nights).


Phone 13 11 14 (24/7)

Text 0477 13 11 14 (24/7)


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