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Taruga Minerals Limited is Making a Difference with their IOCG Story

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Thomas Line, Chief Executive Officer of Taruga Minerals Limited (ASX:TAR) is walking the talk with the company's projects

Taruga Minerals Limited's projects have good reasons to fascinate investors, and the company is giving us new perspectives and a different way to look at things.

It is not every day that Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, gets so fascinated by a company's projects and developments. His recent chat with Thomas Line, CEO of Taruga Minerals Limited got him excited to know more about the company's IOCG (iron oxide copper gold ore deposits) projects and how their projects are going beyond what is expected of the size of their company.

There is a reason why Noel tends to take things with a pinch of salt whenever he hears about a company that talks about IOCG. The simple, practical reason being small mineral explorers just do not have the funding power to pull through the project.

But with Taruga Minerals Limited, Noel is piqued by how their projects are developing. There is something different about them and that is always very exciting to learn more about.

Thomas Line, Chief Executive Officer of Taruga Minerals Limited, Noel Ong, Samso, feature by Brilliant-Online

Taruga Minerals Limited has projects which are showing characteristics more typically seen in much bigger companies. This is what makes this company so fascinating to dissect.

How do they do it?

Mr. Line reveals the company's story here:

  1. The passion and the reason why Thomas Line is doing this.

  2. Why South Australia and why these projects?

  3. The potential of the geology of the Gawler Craton and how it has secrets that have not been discovered because it has been greatly misunderstood.

  4. What are the components of the projects that Investors should take note of?

Watch the interview: Coffee with Samso Episode 99

ESG (environment, social, governance) is on everyone's lips nowadays, and Mr. Line is bringing something valuable to the company that is much needed - his unique understanding of ESG. It is one thing to merely talk about it, but Mr. Line is actually one to do it and make a difference:

Native Title is a boundary that was put in place. It was not a boundary pre-colonisation. Native Title land is not the only land that is important to the Aboriginal people. All land is important to the Aboriginal people.
Aboriginal people need to be engaged to talk about Non-Native Title land as well as Native Title land.

Noel values what he gets out of a good discussion. And what makes investors stand out is their ability to listen and be open to learning as much as they can about a company and its developments.

We cannot know everything, so when there is the opportunity to listen to what companies think and do, that is when investors can gain insights which can help them see the big picture and have the confidence to make informed decisions.


00:00 Introduction

00:52 Thomas Line introduces himself and Taruga Minerals Limited.

02:32 Why choose South Australia and the Projects in Taruga?

08:58 Is the perception that Gawler Craton is misunderstood and under-explored valid?

11:07 What do the recent results in Mt Craig mean?

16:47 How does Taruga focus on all the Prospects?

20:41 Are your projects easy to access?

22:26 Why are your IOCG projects different?

24:20 What issues do you have in your projects?

27:15 ESG has been part of the equation - is it true?

30:45 What is the business of Taruga Minerals ?

35:06 Conclusion


About Taruga Minerals Limited (ASX:TAR)

Taruga Minerals Limited (Taruga or the Company) is a mineral exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:TAR) with a focus on acquiring and developing highly prospective Gold, Copper and precious metals exploration projects in Australia.

CEO Thomas Line is supported by a highly credentialed Board, and has provided the Company with exposure to the exciting, under explored, High-Grade Flinders, Torrens and Mt Craig Copper-Gold-Silver Projects on the margin of the Gawler Craton, South Australia.

Regional Setting

The Flinders Project (Flinders) covers 647km2 along the eastern limit of the Gawler Craton in a similar structural setting as the nearby Olympic Dam and Carrapateena deposits. Flinders is unique in that IOCG-style mineralisation has been mapped and sampled at surface and not under several hundred metres of sedimentary cover, as is often the case within the highly prospective G2 structural Corridor. Mineralisation usually occurs in intrusive breccias hosted within structures that crosscut the dominant marine metasediments within the prospect area. The breccia often contains clasts of altered mafic volcanics that can be mapped for over 15km along the dominant Mt Stephen Thrust (MST) and at Jenkins North. Sub-structures and fault splays which branch out from the MST have been proven to contain high-grade copper mineralisation, indicating the potential for a larger “fluid system” or mineralised network beneath the surface.

Recent petrology and sampling have revealed diverse mineralisation comprised of high-grade copper, gold, hematite, cobalt, silver, and vanadium, along with anomalous platinum-group elements, light and heavy rare earth elements (LREE and HREE).

While all global IOCG’s are unique, the geochemical and petrological signatures confirm IOCG-style mineralisation at Flinders with similarities to Dahongshan and Lala IOCG’s (China), Rocklands IOCG (Cloncurry, Australia) and the nearby ~1590Ma Carrapateena and Olympic Dam IOCG deposits (Gawler Craton).

Historic Mining and Exploration

A range of copper and iron occurrences have been identified within and adjacent to the Flinders Project area historically. Mining in the licence area started in 1863 and focussed on artisanal mining of the high-grade copper mineralisation occurring in mineralised breccias at the Warrakimbo Main Lode (WML) which received limited development over the next 50 years due to low copper prices, with almost no modern exploration. Later operations focussed on developing the rare industrial-grade micaceous iron oxide present within the breccia at WML. Evidence of historic artisanal copper mining has also been identified at Woolshed, Rambla and Rainy Day Prospects.

About Thomas Line

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is the project-generator and vendor of Strikeline Resources and its three highly-prospective South Australian projects and has been responsible for their development to date. Thomas is an experienced geologist and project manager with 10 years’ experience in mining, exploration and resource development. Thomas holds an honours degree in geology, is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and is committed to the successful future development of the Flinders, Torrens and Mt Craig copper projects.

Contact Taruga Minerals Limited

a/ PO Box 5638 St Georges Tce, Perth WA6831, Australia (Postal Address)

a/ Level 8, 99 St Georges Tce, Perth Western Australia 6000 (Registered Office)


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