Your Local Radio Experts John O’Callaghan and Nik James

Updated: Aug 12

✦ FM93.5 Radio 531am began broadcasting on January 26, 2000 and reaches over 90,000 people every week. Part of the Super Radio Network, they have the Mid-North Coast covered.

Interview with John O’Callaghan

Interview with Nik James

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With a combined total of 70 years in the radio field, your Port Macquarie based radio presenter extraordinaires are John O’Callaghan and Nik James Lipovac. Truly experts in their chosen field.

About John

Having worked for 45 years in the Radio Industry after starting as a 15 year old at 2UE in Sydney alongside his famous father Gary, John worked as a panel operator and production assistant before gaining his first on-air role at 2KO Newcastle.

From there he continued to work as an announcer, in the newsroom and in production at 2KA Penrith, 2NZ Inverell, 2WG Wagga, 2CS in Coffs, 4AK Toowoomba, 2GZ Orange and then finally arriving in Port Macquarie on Australia Day in the year 2000!

He is the station manager, news director, afternoon announcer and production guru. John has interviewed a huge variety of politicians, sports stars, music legends and celebrities from all walks of life but meeting Mick Fleetwood was a personal highlight along with Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. John is a huge supporter of the Tigers in both the NRL and AFL.

From John

I grew up with entertainers forming a large part of my early life with actors, dancers and musicians as my grandparents , great grandparents and even further back.

Also, with my father in radio and my mother the radio stations receptionist, we had a parade of entertainers who were family friends drop in. Johnny O’Keefe, who went to school with my father, Kamahl, Little Pattie and many others.

Coming from a large family it always was fun, exciting and never boring. It was also very natural to meet up with all these different people as that was just what life was like.

How long have you been involved in radio, where and why?

I believe I started in radio around 1963, 1964 with little appearances on my father Gary O'Callaghan's show but commenced actually working and being paid at the end of 1973 and start of 1974 as work through my school holidays, but I was approached by the stations owner who convinced me to leave school and work in radio full-time.

Expertise at 531…

Here at Superradio Mid North Coast I wear many hats as the days of being “just an announcer” are numbered. My duties include, Journalist… compiling the daily local news bulletins, music programmer, part-time technician, computer programming and repairs, commercial voice over with production creation and music mixing as well as station manager.

What does it take to be a radio announcer?

If you want to become a radio announcer then just keep plugging away at getting into the industry, join a community station, talk to other announcers, and most importantly don’t try to be them, just learn how to be yourself.

Any formal training or are you self taught?

My career in radio has been a joint effort as you learn all about the industry and how you put it all together everyday from those you work with. You also learn from many announcers and producers from all over Australia and the world as you pull apart what it is they have done to put together their own sound.

How have you helped the community in your role?

It’s amazing the opportunities you get when you are in the media to help others in the community who aren’t as lucky as most of us. I’ve ridden so many different things in the name of charity from elephants, cows, camels and retired racehorses , been in demolition derbys, speedway cars, and legs of a rally car race...